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a microchip that uses tiny strands of DNA to latch onto and quickly recognize thousands of genes at a time

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Biochip Technology Spreads beyond Pharma Industry II-3
After obtaining a master's degree from Cairo University, Ismail moved to New York where, sponsored by IBM, he began specializing in biochips at the University of Rochester.
As biochip tests allow clinicians and researchers to quickly run multiple tests on one sample of blood, this new test is also faster and more affordable than the standard DNA test, producing results in only three hours.
The report covers the present scenario and the growth prospects of the global biochips market for 2016-2020.
And our biochip takes whole blood as input, eliminating the need of off-chip sample preparation and effectively reducing the assay time as well.
The biochip platform has an ability to detect low-abundant glycoproteins in such samples without a need for time and reagent consuming pre-concentration, he said.
Their results showed that the specially designed biochip could detect glucose levels similar to the levels found in human saliva.
febit develops, produces and markets flexible automated solutions for enabling biochip applications in Life Sciences.
According to the company, the VenaEC Biochip, the second generation biochip to Cellix's Vena8 Biochip, enables researchers to execute flow experiments evaluating the adhesion of suspension cells to an endothelial cell monolayer.
Protagen AG; a leading provider of products, services and software solutions for protein research, has closed an interim financing round, raising a 1 million [pounds sterling] that will be used to expand the company's protein biochips business unit.
Our urine-activated battery would be integrated into biochip systems for healthcare diagnostic applications,' Dr Lee added.
Biomarker detection and quantification can be performed by many available assays, some of which use protein microarray nanotechnology for the fabrication of biochips and the dispensation of nanoliter quantities of ligand solutions on the Biochip surface.
A biochip is a collection of miniaturized test sites arranged on a solid substrate that permits many tests to be performed at the same time.
Una vez en uso, el biochip ayudara a comprender mejor el funcionamiento de los tejidos cerebrales y de las redes neuronales cuando aun forman parte de los seres vivos.