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someone with special training in biochemistry

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In the context of patients who are ill, a biochemist would be called a clinical chemist.
She also won the Hoechst Project Prize for the best project by a biochemist and the Glaxo-Wellcome Prize for the best biochemistry project.
1983 To speed up the process of reproducing tiny bits of DNA, biochemist Kary Mullis develops a technique called polymerase chain reaction.
I began my training as a clinical biochemist in Coventry while also studying for a PhD at the University of Birmingham, England.
In his new work, Slouching Towards Gomorrah: Modern Liberalism and American Decline, Bork pins his own anti-evolutionary attack on Darwin's Black Box: The Biochemical Challenge to Evolution, a recent book by biochemist Michael Behe.
We were young, idealistic and we were going to change the world," said Joe Bumgarner, a former Mouse House biochemist who now works for the EPA in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina.
To sort out the effect of fasting, biochemist Bruce M.
THE biochemist arrested after the 7/7 attacks yesterday admitted he did know two of the bombers.
To the skeptical eye of Shapiro, a biochemist at New York University, those explanations that have been offered look more like mythology than like science.
Meehan, a biochemist, developed his cutting-edge formula in order to offset the detrimental impacts of aging on his beloved Labrador, Mulligan.
Malignant cells produce excess telomerase, an enzyme that may play a role in keeping them alive, says biochemist Calvin B.
Blaha's two predecessors on Mir - including biochemist Shannon Lucid, who was up a record six months, shunned stretchers and walked off the shuttle even though doctors preferred they didn't.
Prior to Pfizer, he was an analytical biochemist with Montana-based Ribi ImmunoChem Research, Inc.
Plant biochemist Vincenzo De Luca of Brock University in St.
Leslie Burger, commander of Walter Reed Army Medical Center, will bring together federal and independent scientists next month to determine how to probe biochemist Garth Nicolson's research into mycoplasma, microorganisms known to sometimes cause disease.