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DNA extraction and polymerase chain reaction: PCR was performed to detect virulence genes of STEC in modified TSB enrichment broths, stool and meat samples, as well as in biochemically confirmed isolates obtained after selective plating.
And sex is biochemically no different from eating lots of quantities of chocolate.
Major changes relate to the need for authors to provide hple data, including quantification of known active substances in extracts being studied pharmacologically or biochemically.
were identified biochemically (api 20E, bioMerieux, Marcy l'Etoile, France) and by a polymerase chain reaction assay specific for the invA gene of Salmonella spp.
Earlier attempts to biochemically identify rubber transferase were hindered by the lack of solubilized enzyme activity.
Writing in Nature Medicine, Claudio Soto, Joaquin Castilla, and Paula Saa report that they have devised a way to stimulate a tiny, undetectable amount of abnormal prion protein in a blood sample to multiply so that it reaches detectable levels: "Our findings represent the first time that prions have been biochemically detected in blood.
Breast cancer cells do not seem able to live independently unless they are biochemically ready to do so.
It is crystal clear, biochemically inert, chemical resistant, nonflammable, and free of plasticizers and stabilizers.
Before treatment is begun, a few issues need to be addressed, such as whether it is clinically or biochemically functional and whether it is malignant.
She acknowledged that no study has been done to conclusively show how the body metabolizes high fructose corn syrup, but said that biochemically "there is no reason I can think of they would be different.
Each of us is a biochemically unique :rod distinct individual, which means that some of us are at a genetic advantage when it comes to weight loss.
According to the company, the fresh freeze-dried herbs are preserved so that they are biochemically identical to their fresh counterparts.
Biochemically, ionized serum calcium levels are elevated, and serum phosphorus concentrations are lowered.
Practitioners believe that because each individual is biochemically unique,nutritional deficiencies affect some people more than others.
Mitochondrial dehydrogenases were assayed in the cell extracts biochemically and by Western blot analysis.
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