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In a proof-of-concept study performed with mice, the researchers showed that the biochemically formulated patch of dissolvable microneedles can respond to blood chemistry to manage glucose automatically.
His lab has been studying certain groups of people with chronic diseases such as Gulf War illness, PTSD, and autism and appears to have worked out what is dysfunctional biochemically in their syndromes.
5%) of adrenal lesions were found to be non-secreting or biochemically inert.
In this case, the child responded biochemically to hydroxocobalamin (1 mg daily) in combination with protein restriction with no further complications, remaining asymptomatic.
The 90g above fiber was biochemically binded at 160[degrees]C under the pressure of 15MPa for 20min, respectively.
Their topics include trans-membrane ion fluxes for lowering the detection limit of ion-selective electrodes, ion transport and selected ion channels in biological membranes in health and pathology, plant photosystem II as an example of a natural photovoltaic device, molecular properties and reaction mechanisms of multi-copper oxidases related to their use in biofuel cells, and electrochemical system controlled by enzyme-based logic networks as a step toward biochemically controlled bioelectronics.
In most of the reported cases, patients were clinically and biochemically euthyroid.
Coauthor Robert Greene, professor of psychiatry and a physician at the Dallas VA Medical Center, indicates the study is unique in showing that the need for sleep (called sleep homeostasis) can be separated from wakefulness both behaviorally and biochemically, meaning the two processes now can be studied individually.
Add high surface area biofilms to the gas stream or waste water flow to biochemically alter the odor causing contaminants; 2.
coli 0121 in particular is that it is not biochemically unique.
A new formulation of synthetic, biochemically absorbable polymers is creating opportunities in the medical device and pharmaceutical fields.
The isolated colony of bacteria is then biochemically tested to classify it and to see how resistant it is to antibiotics.
The isolated colony of bacteria is biochemically tested to classify it and to see how resistant it is to antibiotics.
Things have gone very badly for them in every way -- sexually, biochemically," Hurwitz said the Bluth family, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.
Stool samples were cultured by direct inoculation and by filtration methods on to selective Campylobacter agar media and isolates were identified biochemically and serologically.
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