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Synonyms for sewerage

waste matter carried away in sewers or drains

a waste pipe that carries away sewage or surface water

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The biochemical oxygen demand measurements were carried out at a high ratio of the initial substrate concentration to biomass.
Determining The Biochemical Oxygen Demand, Chemical Oxygen Demand, Ph, Oil Products, Suspended Solids, Total Nitrogen, Total Phosphorus.
Up to 1 in 5 people will be exposed to a high risk of water pollution reflected by increased levels of biochemical oxygen demand (BOD).
Biochemical oxygen demand BOD) levels, a key measure of water pollution, have increased between Panipat and Agra, thanks to hundreds of drains that dump untreated sewage in the river.
SEPA had filed a complaint against the Ansari Sugar Mills, saying that after a laboratory analysis of the wastewater collected from the mill, it was found to have excessive levels of biochemical oxygen demand, chemical oxygen demand, total suspended solids, oil and grease.
The samples were analyzed for the water quality parameters such as pH, Total suspended solids, Total dissolved solids, Chlorides, Chemical Oxygen Demand and Biochemical Oxygen Demand.
Higher mineral doses resulted in more complete removals of the compounds of concern: RFA (100%), soluble biochemical oxygen demand (SBO[D.
So, we put in a new biological treatment system, which really efficiently removes all that stuff and has reduced biochemical oxygen demand by probably 90 percent.
7]), in sulfuric acid, biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), all estimate of the availability of food in a sample expressed in terms of microbial oxygen use over a five-day incubation period and ammonia-nitrogen (N[H.
The lawsuit states that the plant has exceeded discharge permit levels for chlorine, total suspended solids, pH, dissolved oxygen, biochemical oxygen demand, phosphorous and fecal coliform at irregular intervals since 1993.
The system is completely pre-wired and pre-plumbed, and features natural Zeolite - a mineral that reduces total suspended solids and biochemical oxygen demand in treated water.
A second, related research need is exploring the latest improvements made to the formulations of commercial aircraft and airfield pavement deicers since they were first documented in ACRP Web-Only Document (WOD) 3: Aircraft Deicing and Airfield Anti-Icing Formulations: Aquatic Toxicity and Biochemical Oxygen Demand.
The samples were analyzed for the water quality parameters such as pH, temperature, chemical oxygen demand and biochemical oxygen demand.
Since 1990, Weyerhaeuser's pulp and paper mills have reduced chloroform emissions by 90%, adsorbable organic halides (AOX) by 88%, chemical oxygen demand (COD) by 75%, total suspended solids (TSS) by 45% and biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) by 30%.
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