biochemical mechanism

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a chemical mechanism involved in vital processes occurring in living organisms

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current status, resistance selection, cross-resistance potential and possible biochemical mechanisms.
Stover and his colleagues have pinpointed for the first time a biochemical mechanism that accounts for this.
Washington, Sept 12 ( ANI ): Researchers have identified an underlying biochemical mechanism that helps make cholera toxin so deadly, often resulting in life-threating diarrhea.
9) This biochemical mechanism provides a way to formulate skin anti-aging products via the incorporation of extracts or isolated pure compounds.
However, the biochemical mechanism by which pheromones and other odorants selectively activate those sensory neurons is poorly understood.
Such extremely slow excretion rate of Cd is due to a lack of an active biochemical mechanism for elimination coupled with renal reabsorption.
Statins only block the biochemical mechanism for making cholesterol from scratch.
Oxidative stress, a biochemical mechanism which can lead to damage to blood particles and to cells, results from an imbalance between an excessive amount of oxidants and decreased antioxidant defenses.
In classical cross-resistance, a single biochemical mechanism confers resistance to a single class of drugs: use of a given antibiotic can select resistance to other members of the group but not to drugs belonging to other classes.
This paper is very important because it gives the biochemical mechanism for toxicity," says biochemist Wilfred Niels Arnold of the University of Kansas Medical Center in Kansas City.
Washington, Apr 27 ( ANI ): Scientists have now decoded the biochemical mechanism that lies behind the protective effect of some lactic acid bacteria, which play a role in alleviating inflammation and thus protecting against intestinal diseases.
To analyze the biochemical mechanism of NP-induced ROS generation in human neutrophils, we investigated the effects of different types of metabolic inhibitor for the activation pathways of ROS generation in the cells.
The pancreatic cells have a biochemical mechanism that continuously monitors blood glucose, releasing only enough insulin to keep blood sugar within a normal range.
The new study provides insight into the biochemical mechanism that may be responsible for the aggressiveness.
The bacterium brings into play a biochemical mechanism that is regulated and controlled, he says.
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