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8220;Major end-use applications of biochemical sensors range from clinical and non-clinical healthcare to agriculture, environmental and nutritional segments.
Global Bioc hemical Sensors Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2020 " has evaluated the future growth potential of biochemical sensors across the globe and provides statistics and information on market size, structure, industry behavior and trends.
Obtaining sufficient quantities of serum or plasma from small animals (<50 g) for biochemical assays can be problematic for veterinarians.
Described as the world's largest producer of Vitamin D3 feed grade, Zhejiang Garden Biochemical claims to have a 65% share of the global Vitamin D3 feed grade market thanks to their total annual capacity of 3,600 mt D3 500 feed grade per annum.
Unlike that of Aldrich's compound, however, PA-824's biochemical target is unknown.
Specifically, Sysmex will provide a quality control service for biochemical analyzers and on-site repair and inspection service for blood gas analyzers.
VALENCIA - Delta Scientific, with operations in Valencia and Palmdale, has installed one of its anti-terror blockade systems at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, which has a biochemical research program.
Interest in their taxonomy is increasing, and molecular, phenotypic, and biochemical analyses have resulted in the reclassification of this genus (3).
Without staining or heat fixing, the bacterium maintains its naturally occurring biochemical composition.
The presence of positive margins is an important risk factor for biochemical relapse of prostate cancer.
Chronic anxiety also appears to greatly increase disease progression, probably through different biochemical pathways.
We evaluated the potential for the ground wood wastes to impact oxygen demand by measuring biochemical oxygen demand in the runoff: There was no difference in biochemical oxygen demand between the dimensional lumber control and the treatments containing engineered wood products, but all the mulch treatments had a higher average biochemical oxygen demand than the bare soil control.
While these substances work on a biochemical level to change or support body chemistry, homeopathy works on a bioenergetic level to bring balance to the body's communication networks.
25) using TDTMA-tailored zeolites at 1 g/L mineral dose resulted in 51% reduction of resin and fatty acids (RFA), 10% removal of soluble biochemical and chemical oxygen demands, 85% removal of acute toxicity, and 24% uptake of sterols.