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a biochemical catalyst such as an enzyme

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The biocatalyst is now Almac's first choice for scale-up chemistry involving chirality as it provides efficient, clean and robust processes.
Energy BioSystems currently has rights to 24 United States patents, 29 foreign patents, with 13 patent applications pending in the United States Patent and Trademark Office and 80 foreign patent applications pending worldwide to cover its biocatalytic process technologies and biocatalyst genes.
This expanded leadership will guide Akermin forward in commercializing its biocatalyst approaches for scrubbing carbon dioxide in industrial applications.
Caroline West, Biocatalyst promotions manager, said: 'Prince Andrew's visit was a welcome boost to staff who have worked extremely hard for the company.
Utilizing its proprietary enzyme delivery technology Akermin is developing industrial biocatalyst approaches that yield lower cost, energy efficient, environmentally benign processes of CO2 management.
Almac's biocatalyst technology platform is well represented by the green selectAZyme(TM) logo emphasising the "green" credentials the technology offers, from medicinal chemistry scaffold and metabolite synthesis through to commercial manufacture.
The grant supports the ongoing development of a cellulosic biocatalyst that Gevo exclusively licensed from Cargill.
This project will use Akermin's industrial biocatalyst to "upgrade" (remove the CO2) to produce up to 2.
Craig's role at Biocatalysts is to manage and develop the operations department ensuring customer needs are achieved in an efficient and cost effective manner, whilst implementing a strategy of continuous improvement and providing commercial business acumen to the organisation.
is a leading provider of optimized biocatalysts that make existing industrial processes faster, cleaner and more efficient than current methods and have the potential to make new industrial processes possible at commercial scale.
We envision IEP building upon Intrexon's biocatalyst platform to produce additional high-value fuels and lubricants beyond isobutanol.
introduction to molecular biological techniques for biocatalyst development
Chapter 2: An overview of biocatalyst sources and web-based information.
The work under this program will build off of Akermin's current field pilot that has now accrued over 2,800 hours of operation, consistently capturing over 80% CO2, with no degradation in performance and no biocatalyst replenishment.
One custom biocatalyst created by Codexis was 4000-fold more productive than the natural enzyme used in the manufacture of a key building block of atorvastatin, the active ingredient in the world's largest selling drug to lower cholesterol.