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a biochemical catalyst such as an enzyme

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SOCWA is seeking SOQ%s to select the most qualified contractor to provide a biocatalyst for odor control within the treatment plants operated by SOCWA.
The biocatalysts produced extracts with increased glucose content and arabinose-to-galactose ratios, compared to cranberry pomace, and a percentage of arabinose close to that in pomace and microwave extracts.
We are also extremely excited to have implemented our new yeast biocatalyst at Luverne.
This need has resulted in process chemists utilizing their skills at the interface of chemistry and biology, and embracing biocatalysts and biocatalytic processes in organic synthesis.
This study represents the first investigation of enzymatic reactions that form a coating on the immobilized biocatalyst.
Vigsoe, Dorte, Espen Jurgensen, and Morten Kvistgaard, "The Assessment of Future Environmental and Economic Impacts of Process-Integrated Biocatalyst.
Rapid gains will also be recorded in biocatalyst applications, according to the study.
The hemoprotein biocatalyst can be contacted with the fossil fuel in free or immobilized forms.
AQ Plus, first marketed four years ago, is a USDA-approved, patented biocatalyst that reduces chlorine use by up to 50 percent--making it very popular with resort owners, who usually have gigantic pools to treat, according to Dale.
coli inner membrane transport for improved efflux of biofuel molecules, and generating phenotypic diversity in a fungal biocatalyst.
Compared to other immobilization processes, the advantages of lipases' immobilization in sol-gel matrices comprise higher thermal and chemical stability and higher hydrolytic activity of the biocatalyst (MEUNIER; LEGGE, 2010).
In our laboratories in Manchester we currently work with many different biocatalysts that catalyse a range of chemical reactions - the key is to match up the correct biocatalyst with the specific product you are trying to make," said Professor Turner.
The other is Genencor International, which is developing the biocatalyst for the process at its Palo Alto, CA research center.
The Nesika facility will serve to demonstrate our technology at scale as well as validate process and biocatalyst improvements.