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appraisal of the biological activity of a substance by testing its effect on an organism and comparing the result with some agreed standard

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Access to the bio-assay expertise of HPA and CSL and their containment
Before SAS, BMTI used contract research organizations (CROs) to run simple bio-assay analyses.
is a privately-held biotechnology company focused on development of unique bio-assay systems based on technology pioneered by its founder, Thor Nilsen.
Direct evaluation of a therapeutically relevant set of novel proteins in a bio-assay system such as Ontogeny's is a powerful tool for efficient identification of therapeutic leads.
This first milestone payment of 200,000 shares was triggered by BCY successfully completing the fractionation of a low molecular weight dextran and the bio-assay of these fractions.
It has been estimated that the medicinal herb market includes up to $7 billion in herbs grown outside the country under questionable conditions as well as domestic bulk growing which has not historically used any functional bio-assay technology to assess and ensure optimal levels of biological activity in mechanisms responsible for the products' benefits.
9% of biomanufacturers demanding new bio-assays for lot release
Now, the scientific community has access to over 400 PathHunter GPCR, Kinase and signaling bio-assays to expedite discovery of neutralizing, blocking or activating antibodies.
AurPROFILER enables researchers to rapidly evaluate target, cell and drug profiles using bio-assays derived from the activity data found in Aureus Pharma's AurSCOPE Target Knowledge databases.
Bio-assays early = an immediate focus on drugability = higher success; Less wet chemistry = more "shots on goal" per dollar invested; Without HTS or virtual library screening.
The new all-digital system integrates the capabilities of several types of specialty microscopes, enabling it to meet a broad range of applications including well-plate bio-assays, library-based image searches of pathology samples or whole animal models, analysis of material samples such as powders or metals, failure analysis of materials or structures, and forensic studies of large non-planar samples.
20 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Luminex Corporation , a leading provider of multiplex technologies for bio-assays, today announced the launch of the Luminex Certified Developer Program.
In addition, the disposable, single-use cartridges can be manufactured inexpensively and used to perform a wide variety of bio-assays.
NanoWell(TM) Assay Plates are to conventional 96-well plates as ZIP drives are to floppies -- with these Aurora plates we can pack 36 times more bio-assays into the same space than the conventional format.
Biocept's core technology centers around a novel polyethylene glycol-based urethane hydrogel platform which is biocompatible, adaptable to a number of different bio-assays and easy to manufacture.