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BOSTON -- The University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) School of Public Health and Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), as part of their development of the High Throughput Laboratory Network (HTLN) for infectious disease surveillance, have selected HighRes Biosolutions to automate a high-throughput extraction and screening system for their prototype laboratory, the Global Bio Lab at UCLA.
The Global Bio Lab at UCLA will use the new HighRes system both to conduct critical infectious disease screening and biosurveillance research, as well as to respond to emergent situations requiring testing of thousands of specimens per day to inform public health responses.
The first node of the HTLN is housed in the high-containment Global Bio Lab at UCLA.
A project like the HTLN requires innovative approaches to laboratory automation that provide for growth and the flexibility to leverage technological advances and changing throughput requirements," said Lee Borenstein, director of the Global Bio Lab.
Bio lab items : Acetone, Safrainne, Methylene Blue, Copper sulphate solution, Sudan III, Millons Reagent, Phenolphathalein, Biuret Reagent, Distilled Water, Starch Powder, Potassium Hydroxide, Sodium Cloride,
The fee also includes use of the Beacon 42 and Bio Lab Road ramps on the west shore of Mosquito Lagoon.
Agilent Technologies and Los Alamos Develop First High-Throughput System to Be Deployed at UCLA's New Global Bio Lab
This system will be utilized in the Global Bio Lab at UCLA and will use high-throughput technology for automated global-public-health surveillance.
The UCLA Global Bio Lab will become part of the High Throughput Laboratory Network (HTLN).
Early 2004 saw the addition of the Geonosian Bio Lab, Deathwatch Bunker and Corellian Corvette adventure areas, adding numerous hours of high-end content and depth to game play.