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having two nuclei

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Histologically, however, the mitotic index in the Cyp1a2(-/-) mice is only slightly elevated (not statistically significant), and the percent binucleated hepatocytes (which reflects hepatocyte hypertrophy and karyokinesis without cytokinesis) in Cyp1a2(-/-) is almost identical to that in the Cyp1a2 (+/+) wild type.
At least 3,000 binucleated cells (BNCs) were scored per concentration, totalizing the results of three independent experiments.
88 Concentration Treatment Binucleated Total [micro]g/ml Duration cells (hour) No.
Four slides (2000 binucleated cells were scored per slide) were scored per group per experiment.
In order to correct for this difference in sampling probability, the number of mono-nucleated myocytes was divided by 1, the number of binucleated myocytes was divided by 2, etc.
A juxtacortical chondroma must be differentiated from a juxtacortical (or periosteal) chondrosarcoma, particularly as a juxtacortical chondroma often demonstrates high cellularity, binucleated cells, hyperchromatism and a myxoid appearance.
Some tumor cells were binucleated and trinucleated.
In bone marrow, megaloblastoid changes, multinuclearity, nuclear budding and bridging in erythroblasts, hypogranulation in granulocytic series, micromegakaryocytes, uninucleated and binucleated forms, and cytoplasmic vacuolation in megakaryocytes were the common dysplastic features.
Many of these plasma cells were binucleated with some multinucleated, forming plasmacytomas.
Occasionally, some binucleated chondrocytes and a slight nuclear hyperchromasia can be present and may mimic malignancy.
gigas, encountered binucleated granular amebocytes and amebocytes with centrioles "fairly frequently" (p.
MN are a potential biomarker of cancer risk, because increased micronucleated binucleated (MNBN) frequencies in T lymphocytes have been shown to be associated with cancer risk in adults (Bonassi et al.
About 500 binucleated cells per sample were examined, and cells with MN were scored manually.
The growth pattern tends to be diffuse, cells are medium to large with scant to moderate cytoplasm, and binucleated tumor cells are frequently observed.