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Effect of growth media, storage environment, and soil on binucleate Rhizoctonia AG-G for protection of potato from Rhizoctonia canker.
Binucleate cells in trophoblast of sheep conceptuses appear by d 16, migrate into the uterine epithelium and secrete CSH1 (Anthony et al.
The archegoninm with its short neck, binucleate neck canal cell and egg was known from earlier studies.
No of Concentration Total cell in No of abberrated cells of sludga cells division Unequal Sticky distribution anaphase 10% 1000 496 03 07 50% 1000 432 07 11 75% 1000 391 04 12 100% 1000 360 06 13 Control 1000 547 Nil Nil Concentration No of abberrated cells of sludga Destruction Dislocarion C-anaphasa Poly ploidy of nucleus of pole 10% 02 05 07 02 50% 06 11 09 03 75% 08 12 05 07 100% 10 16 10 09 Control Nil Nil Nil Nil Concentration No of abberrated cells of sludga C-metaphase Binucleate spiral cell chromosome 10% 02 -- -- 50% 05 -- -- 75% 07 01 03 100% 10 03 03 Control Nil Nil Nil Concentration Percentage of Mitotic of sludga abnormality index 10% 5.
cells observed during this trial were uni- or binucleate, and were observed in hemocytes primarily in the digestive gland but also in the gills, palps, and mantle.
In addition, from 6,000 cells of each sample, we determined the cytokinesis block proliferation index (CBPI) [(number of mononucleate cells + 2x number of binucleate cells + 3x number of multinucleate cells)/(sum of mononucleate, binucleate, and multinucleate cells)].
Pollen grains binucleate or trinucleate, often tricolporate and occasionally in tetrads.
Benign epithelium lacks nuclear enlargement, multinucleation (although binucleate cells are sometimes encountered), cellular disorganization, and maturation disturbances.
After incubation with BDS extracts in dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO), normal human bronchial epithelial cells, which are putative target cells for inhaled irritants, exhibited plasma membrane blebbing, small but statistically significant increases in the number of binucleate cells, and a diffuse cytoplasmic fluorescence when viewed under the light microscope (Catallo et al.
Although nuclei are generally centrally placed, occasional plasmacytoid and binucleate forms are seen that resemble the neoplastic cells from aspirates of PENs.
After fixation for 8 min in a 20:1 (vol/vol) mixture of methanol and acetic acid, the cells were stained for 10 min with 5% (vol/vol) Giemsa solution, and then the number of MN was scored in 1,000 binucleate cells; under the conditions used, the frequency of binucleate cells was 500-600 per 1,000 cells.
21,22) Multinucleated tumor giant cells and binucleate cells may also be observed.
The shoe factory workers showed a statistically significant higher frequency of micronucleated binucleate lymphocytes in comparison with the referents.