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having two nuclei

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3 (a,b) MBN: micronucleated binuclear cells; BNC: binuclear cells.
In the present work, a macrocyclic binuclear monometallic Copper complex has been synthesized and has been ionically bonded with zirconium pillared montmorillonite.
All interaction between tyrosinase and its substrates are suggested to take place at the binuclear copper site.
In this sense, the regular, cylindrical, and hexagonally ordered pores around 80 [Angstrom] of SiSBA support (see Table 1) may suppress the formation of inactive binuclear complexes between metallocenes resulting in stable active sites with high activity in ethylene polymerization, as it is exhibited by CAT-SiSBA [27].
Importantly these agents demonstrated potent anti-tumor activity in tumors with either acquired or intrinsic resistance to cisplatin or carboplatin, representing the first such class of binuclear platinum based drugs to show activity in these tumor types.
Ahrons has helped us to move beyond the guilt and confusion of losing our nuclear families by encouraging us to rebuild binuclear ones.
Abnormal binuclear, tetranuclear cells, large cells with large nuclei, and giant cells with giant nuclei were observed in the meristem zones of the root apices.
Cowie's research interests are concerned with the activation of small molecules by binuclear complexes.
The level of sophistication in many areas has increased substantially since COMC, for example in the development of chiral organometallics for use in synthesis, in the synthesis and characterization of larger cluster complexes, in testing the limits of binuclear organometallic chemistry and in the chemistry of metallacycles and organometallics derived from carbon dioxide.