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arboreal civet of Asia having a long prehensile tail and shaggy black hair

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Molecular analyses for several groups of viruses, including Herpesviridae, Paramyxoviridae, Adenoviridae, and all influenza A viruses, were performed on frozen lung samples from the badger and binturong and on frozen conjunctival and pharyngeal swabs from the ferret.
The Island Invaders section showcases three creatures - the upside-down sea jelly, the brown tree snake and the green-and-black poison arrow frog - that have unleashed destruction on the same tropical Pacific regions that are home to animals like the Prevost's squirrel and the binturong.
He said: "When we got there we spotted the two baby binturong.
The binturong, an unusual black furry mammal which lives in trees in Asia, ran away.
Chessington bosses apologised yesterday, saying: "Despite the best efforts from our zoo team, regrettably the binturong did not survive.
After shelling out $250 each for tickets, nearly 400 guests got a chance to cuddle with a chimpanzee, check out a 30-pound reptile called a cape monitor, and pet Giggles, a black, catlike binturong with a furry, grasping tail.
Blanche Shaffer immediately recognized the furry black creature with a monkey's tail: a binturong from the Borneo rain forest.
Binny the Binturong: The Fund helped to rescue a rare Asian binturong from the exotic animal trade and place him in a permanent home at the Austin Zoo.
The 55-acre sanctuary is home to 70 animals, including tigers, ocelots, binturongs, and more.
Binturongs can make chuckling sounds when they seem to be happy and utter a high-pitched wail if annoyed.
Activities include yellow-spotted sidenecked turtles and red pandas enjoying their favorite snacks; gorillas and chimpanzees problem-solving to find hidden delicious treats; and binturongs searching pine cones for treats stuffed inside.
ACTUALLY bearcats - also known as binturongs - which are native to South East Asia, are neither bears nor cats.
From bears to binturongs, frogs to flamingos, fall is that special time of year when some of nature's most beautiful colors provide the perfect backdrop for busy animals as they go about their winter preparations.