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a theoretical distribution of the number of successes in a finite set of independent trials with a constant probability of success

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We next fit the negative binomial distribution to the transmission data and to various data subsets according to patients' circumstances.
a) Index of dispersion where * indicates significance of Chi-square test ([square root] [chi square]), (b) k values of fit of the data to a Negative Binomial distribution (c) Morisita Index ([I.
The beta-binomial approximates the binomial distribution if a and b are large (>1).
Negative binomial distributions were fitted to all pairs of players within a side so that interactions between players could be simulated prior to a match.
This joint distribution can be called zero-inflated multivariate negative binomial (ZI-MVNB) because it has the form of a multivariate negative binomial distribution with a zero-inflated term equal to [[phi].
The judgments can be conveniently converted to a continuous prior distribution if one assumes that the prior for an unknown proportion p is some beta distribution with parameters (a, b), and that the estimator for a particular sample size N has a binomial distribution with parameters (N, p).
Recreational fishery catch distributions sampled by the MRFSS are highly contagious and overdispersed in relation to the normal distribution and are generally best characterized by the Poisson or negative binomial distributions.
Then, he incorporates a host of probability principles, including random walk and binomial distributions, into entertaining discussions of how to approach an answer.
We do this for the normal and binomial distributions.
This course provides Black Belts with basic information on probabilities and probability distributions, from the frequently used normal, Poisson, and binomial distributions, to the more specialized hypergeometric, Weibull, bivariate, exponential, and lognormal, as well as the distributions that test hypothesis and set confidence intervals: Chi-square, Student's t, and F distributions.
We recorded the number of students choosing each response and compared changes in both grade levels and between grade levels using binomial distributions to identify which answers were selected by students at levels above or below expected levels of 50% if students were randomly guessing at answers.
The Katz family of distributions, which consists of the Poisson, binomial, and negative binomial distributions, forms a simple class with the property of being equi-, under-, or over-dispersed.
The GENMOD algorithm uses maximum-likelihood estimates for assumed binomial distributions, which are unbiased to a first order of approximation (McCullagh and Nelder, 1989)
html) , fitting a binomial model to these distributions, and predicting operational false accept performance from the "best fit" binomial distributions.
Over an infinite number of such trials, each combination is expected to be equally frequent (1/4 each); equivalently, the number of boys (or girls) follows a binomial distribution with n = 2 and p = 0.