binomial distribution

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a theoretical distribution of the number of successes in a finite set of independent trials with a constant probability of success

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j] can be referred to as a gamma mixture of Poissons, but it is more commonly called a negative binomial distribution (Johnson and Kotz 1969).
26) when the negative binomial distribution was fitted to data from large Ebola transmission chains in Guinea (32); this result suggests that the high variability assumption may be appropriate, but whether or not the assumption of high variability is an appropriate characterization for potential Ebola outbreaks in new countries is unclear.
The primary contribution herein centers on using the Generalized Binomial Distribution (GBD) to provide a new and important perspective about the luck versus skill mutual fund debate.
The dashed line represents the fitted negative binomial distribution while the columns correspond to the actual frequency density.
When behavioral observations are used to test for lateral bias, each individual's totals can be viewed under the null hypothesis as a sample drawn from a common binomial distribution.
The binomial distribution, which is thoroughly explained below, is expressed by the mathematical equation: (30)
The beta-binomial approximates the binomial distribution if a and b are large (>1).
On the basis of the analysis of the binomial distribution, it becomes clear that 49 cases marked the choices very much, much, or moderate.
This finding was analogous to the work of Pollard et al (1977) when fitting the negative binomial distribution to groups of players.
Further, Nevins and Whitney describe the process as having a binomial distribution with the number of good items as the binomial random variable and the probability of a good item as the process capability "y," which is expressed as .
Over an infinite number of such trials, each combination is expected to be equally frequent (1/4 each); equivalently, the number of boys (or girls) follows a binomial distribution with n = 2 and p = 0.
The sequence characteristics of the GDH-synthesized RNAs are dependent on the binomial distribution of the subunit polypeptides within the hexameric isomers of the enzyme.
Based on the binomial distribution, the probability that both comparisons would have a probability of 1.
The normal approximation of a binomial distribution will also be applied to estimate the minimum difficulty of the criterion test item through a control P--chart technique (Alwan, 2000).
In our search for conditional pdfs we found that if f(y|p) is a binomial distribution with parameters n and p and f(p) is a beta distribution with parameters [alpha] and [beta] then f(p|y) is also a beta distribution with parameters [alpha] + y and n - y + [beta] and g(y) is a beta-binomial distribution.