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Synonyms for binomial

(mathematics) a quantity expressed as a sum or difference of two terms

having or characterized by two names, especially those of genus and species in taxonomies


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According to the binomial test, the effect of sales promotion mix, distribution mix, price mix and product mix on sales at the level of 95% is significant.
The primary contribution herein centers on using the Generalized Binomial Distribution (GBD) to provide a new and important perspective about the luck versus skill mutual fund debate.
9, page 93) the infiltration product in an algebraic framework; Ochsenschlager (see [12]) defined this product independently in the context of binomial coefficients of words (see the next section).
The beta-binomial approximates the binomial distribution if a and b are large (>1).
Example 1 shows a standard binomial expansion and clarifies how the like terms appear.
The eigenvalues of a right-circulant matrix with binomial coefficients are given by
For this reason, the negative binomial distribution (nbd) was deemed more appropriate than Poisson.
In negative binomial regression analysis, a measure for the interaction between partner type (steady vs.
Just when it looked like Chile's weary President Sebastian Pinera might finally enjoy something of a summer respite, an intracoalition blowout regarding the country's controversial binomial electoral law has put him back in the political hot seat.
Distributed lag models under the framework of negative binomial regression and generalized estimating equations were used to estimate the rate ratio between 10-pg/[m.
Further, Nevins and Whitney describe the process as having a binomial distribution with the number of good items as the binomial random variable and the probability of a good item as the process capability "y," which is expressed as .
Key Words: Binomial distribution; birth order; chi-square test; conditional probability; data quality: Lexis variation; model assumptions; Poisson variation.
He addresses the use of the multinomial model and noninformative Dirichlet priors in "model free" or nonparametric Bayesian survey analysis, normal regression, analysis of variance, and binomial and multinomial data as well as alternatives to current frequentist nonparametric methods and new goodness-of-fit methods for assessing parametric models and two-level variance component models and finite mixtures.