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an optical instrument designed for simultaneous use by both eyes

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Randy's interest in binoculars came about in an unusual way: His job sent him to Geneva, Switzerland, for weeks at a stretch, and he learned to appreciate the city's Saturday flea market, where he often found wonderful vintage binoculars and telescopes.
The handheld binoculars and the laser range finders are to be used along with the soldiers~ and unit~s other equipment, Such as weaponry and sensors.
Meanwhile, fans of the history of modern-day Israel will have a chance to bid on Rabin's binoculars at a sale to be held this month at the Jerusalem of Gold Auction House in Jerusalem for an opening bid of $5,000.
In this column, I will address general glassing principles with lower-power optics, say up to 10X, and in my next column, I will go into long-distance, all-day glassing with a spotting scope or big binoculars of 12X or higher.
However, you may already have a pair telescopes in your house, ready to use for observing the night sky - that trusty pair of binoculars.
Steiner's P-Series 7x50 binoculars have been adopted by the Portland Police Bureau for use by their Gang Enforcement Team and Federal Gang Task Force.
From the early reader educational series How It Works, "Binoculars" shows clear color photographs demonstrating how binoculars work to make objects appear closer than they are.
Binoculars and spotting and riflescopes are marked with a formula such as "8x30" or "10x50.
1) Binoculars are probably the one article getting the most use, mm period.
AN INVESTIGATION is under way into the theft of more than PS6,000 worth of binoculars from a wildlife exhibition.
TIME WAS, FINDING A DECENT PAIR OF BINOCULARS without spending a fortune was tough to do, hut not any more.
Binoculars have long been a key element in the enhancement of many an outdoor activity or event.
Binoculars are an ideal solution for the weight-conscious traveller, as they can be used for other activities such as bird watching, in addition to astronomy.
Titanic's captain Edward Smith had no access to binoculars which could have helped him scan the horizon for icebergs which sank the ship in 1912, claiming 1,517 lives.