binocular vision

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vision involving the use of both eyes

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Since infants cannot speak, optometrists perform several non-invasive tests that evaluate visual acuity, refraction, motility, alignment, binocularity and overall eye health.
Bishop, president and chief executive officer of SOLA, stated, "With its full-width visual field and near perfect binocularity, AO PRO Easy offers wearers an exceptional balance of comfort and utility.
Post-natally, binocular connections develop in V1 (leading eventually to stereopsis), and this binocularity also allows nasal to temporal motion sensitivity to develop, which is relayed to the opposite MST via the corpus callosum.
Vision enhancement: Athletes often need help enhancing their binocularity or depth perception.
However, this might also be related to the development of foveal tracking of objects moving in depth requiring the development of binocularity (see below).
They felt that the student who understood normal binocularity would be better able to study its abnormalities as the next step.
The development of symmetrical OKN (ie, the onset of nasalward-temporalward monocular responses) has been linked to the onset of binocularity, since OKN remains asymmetrical in strabismus.