binocular microscope

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a light microscope adapted to the use of both eyes

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By observing these differences with the aid of a 10x binocular microscope, it is possible to determine the sex of adult weevils via this quick, accurate and non-destructive technique, which keeps handling to a minimum.
In more recent years, he had continued to study and analyse early art objects, for example from Russia, the Near East and Turkey, still employing macrophotographs and the binocular microscope.
An English mahogany small chamber barrel organ, in need of restoration, sold for pounds 330, telescopes were selling from pounds 80 to pounds 380 each, and microscopes of were also on offer, the best being a Victorian lacquered brass binocular microscope by C Collins of London, in mahogany box with accessories, which sold for pounds 700.
Also featuring Kestrel 2-axis measurement microscope (50X), Lynx stereo zoom microscope (7X to 120X), Mantis bench magnifier (2X to l0X), and Alpha stereo binocular microscope (7X to 160X).
Samples taken throughout the interval were described by lithology and color, using a binocular microscope.
Cholestrol Oncometer Glucdmeter Strip, Lancet Cotton Roll, Semi Automatk Analyzer, Binocular Microscope, Glass Slide, Cover Sup, Liquid Paraffin Oil, Syringe 2cc, Syringe 5cc, Spirit, Gloves, Laboratary Detergent, Tourniquet, Glass Test Tube (12 X 75 Mm), Tissue Paper, Plastic Test Tube, Timer, Microtip (Small), Microtip (Large), Marker Pen Distilled Water
Germany, 1875 Liberty Seated quarter dollar coin, 1942 Liberty Walking half dollar coin, Garmin Nuvi 255W Navigation system, Rick Burleson signed historic autographs, Asian marked tea set, Apple A1811 MacBook laptop computer, Dell Inspiron 1150 laptop computer, four Bose speakers on stands, pair of motorcycle saddlebags, Panasonic DVD-RV32 DVD / CD player, three vintage Beatles albums with covers, framed rose stained glass wall hanging, American Optical MicroStar 1036 binocular microscope, Luna RSE NYL 6-string electric acoustic guitar in original packaging, and much more.
I had use of the following: a binocular microscope with 100 oil and 10 low-dry objective lenses, two Neubauer hemacy-tometers, a microhematocrit centrifuge, a six-tube centrifuge for spinning urines, a battery-operated glucometer, an autoclave (my clinic "job description' included sterile processing), a number of stains, lots of different urine dipsticks, a 100-test slide pregnancy kit, and anything I could get from central supply (needles, gauze, alcohol, etc.
checked by binocular microscope examination of each grain.
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