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an optical instrument designed for simultaneous use by both eyes

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Seeing through the binoculars while lying on your back and with no more vibration than from your heartbeat, not using your arms at all, is the way to go.
To keep them in instant glassing position but out of the way the rest of the time, use either a harness with an elastic back band to hold the glasses against your chest, or use a "binocular box" that fits snugly against your chest and keeps the binoculars clean and ready for instant use.
Binoculars are quite often a better instrument to use when you're just starting out.
Steiner's P-Series 7x50 binoculars have been adopted by the Portland Police Bureau for use by their Gang Enforcement Team and Federal Gang Task Force.
This one is hard to split with a binocular's low magnification, but it becomes easier if you contrive a way to hold the binoculars very still (such as by the chair-and-broomstick method in the photo on the next page).
An 8x32mm and a 20x80mm binocular have identical a 4mm exit pupils, but they are hardly identical low-light performers due to the 635 percent larger light transmitting area of a 20x80.
While the price is shockingly low for a binocular wearing the little blue Zeiss logo, all the elements are here for a functional, high-performance unit.
The Binocular Wear is also in patent pending status with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
As its name Normal Binocular Vision indicates, the aim is to help the reader understand the concepts and structure of normal binocular vision.
Certainly this technology looks likely to be the way forward for future binocular observing.
Overturn gave way in the straight and there was little between Binocular and Rock On Ruby jumping the final flight but Binocular knuckled down well when it mattered to edge the argument by a neck.
London) introduce preclinical optometry students and students of psychology to the study of human binocular vision.
A similar key to the Titanic's crow's nest binocular box previously sold for pounds 90,000 in 2007.
Binocular finished third behind his stablemate Punjabi in the Cheltenham Festival feature last term and had been the favourite to claim the crown at the start of the season - before an odds-on disappointment in the Fighting Fifth at Newcastle last November was followed by another defeat in the Christmas Hurdle at Kempton.