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a nonmagnetic housing for a ship's compass (usually in front of the helm)

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Back and peering into the binnacle, he listened vainly for another wail from Jerry in the hope of verifying his first hasty bearing.
Konig, surreptitiously consulting chart and binnacle, and McCoy, openly and innocently consulting the binnacle, knew that they were running for Hao Island.
Despite the fact that the wind was now astern, the heat was so intense that Captain Davenport was compelled to steal sidelong glances into the binnacle, letting go the wheel now with one hand, now with the other, to rub or shield his blistering cheeks.
At last he fastened his eyes on the compass card, took refuge, in spirit, inside the binnacle.
The steering-gear leaked steam, and in the confined space the glass of the binnacle made a shiny oval of light in a thin white fog.
The steam gear clattered, stopped, clattered again; and the helmsman's eyeballs seemed to project out of a hungry face as if the compass card behind the binnacle glass had been meat.
The hurricane boomed, shaking the little place, which seemed air-tight; and the light of the binnacle flickered all the time.
A shiny black steam-yacht, with mahogany deck-house, nickel-plated binnacles, and pink-and-white-striped awnings, puffed up the harbour, flying the burgee of some New York club.
It features Recaro sports seats, faux-suede interior trim highlights, a flat-bottom steering wheel, alloy pedals and binnacle gauges displaying turbo boost pressure, oil temperature and oil pressure, sports suspension with stiffened spring rates, bushes and anti-roll bars, two-mode switchable dampers and an electric power-assisted steering system.
The cabin has been treated to some brightening up, with uprated trim finishes and colour schemes, redesigned instrument binnacle, the tacho and speedo being separated by a 4.
Inside, the Clubman gets its own design of dashboard that features the famous large centrally mounted round binnacle.
Enhanced by TRI's Binnacle Ocean Master nano-coating technology, the Turing Phone will boast an IPx8 waterproof rating with the ability to be fully submerged under 30 feet of water.
e fascia remains very driver focused, with a trio of overlapping dials in the instrument binnacle and a tapered centre console that draws the eye to the gear lever that marshals the ve-speed manual transmission.
From the driver's seat the Gran Coupe is typical BMW, with conventional sporting white on black analogue dials set into a high binnacle and viewed through the top THERE is little doubt that coupes always tend to look that much sleeker than four-door hatches or saloons.