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a base hit on which the batter stops safely at first base

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We hope this facility will be a model for the industry and wait to see who will build upon what's been done here," Bingle says.
REI was already a customer-W&H had designed the Pennsylvania facility prior to Best and Bingle joining REI.
It could be nothing, but eagle-eyed Instagram followers of Bingle reckoned that there's trouble in paradise between Bingle and Worthington, who started dating in October 2013.
Though Bingle, who was spotted smiling and giggling on her way out of the court, has a poor driving record, her contribution to community has helped in reducing her sentence.
Famous model across Australia Lara Bingle has met Imran Khan over dinner at London's members-only 5 Hertford Street club last week before arriving back to Australia, Sydney Magazine reported.
What constitutes a 'legitimate' enactment of femininity or masculinity is contestable, as evidenced by the variety of responses to the scandal offered by media commentators, which ranged from demonising Bingle to promoting her as a feminist icon, as well as characterising her ex-fiance Clark as both effeminate and manly.
And Mr Bingle, who has extensive connections to the Conservatives, admitted the Lord Ashcroft non dom tax affair was damaging the party.
Bingle joined Ferro Corporation in 2004 and has served as Ferro's Treasurer since 2008.
The attorney claimed that although there were videos of the scuffle that "clearly depict a brutal assault" and attempted robbery of Li's cameras, Worthington and Bingle were never charged.
Though the star of her own reality TV show, Being Lara Bingle, has denied that she is moving permanently to New York to be with Worthington, she is planning to spend the coming year traveling back and forth between Sydney and New York with business and personal commitments.
Bingle, who joined Ferro in 2004, was most recently Director, Treasury.
Despite Sam Worthington getting caught on tape referring to her as his "wife," Lara Bingle has denied persistent rumours that she has married the "Avatar" star.
1 ( ANI ): Photojournalist Sheng Li has reportedly planned to take further legal action over the brawl with 'Avatar' star Sam Worthington and his girlfriend Lara Bingle.
Bingle has also been appointed to serve on the board's audit committee.
Magistrate Clare Farnan berated Bingle for a few minutesin Waverley Local Court for her inability to follow road rules, reminding her that no one is above the law.