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Synonyms for binge

Synonyms for binge

a period of uncontrolled self-indulgence

Synonyms for binge

any act of immoderate indulgence

an occasion for excessive eating or drinking


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The effect of the naloxone nasal spray was especially pronounced when comparing the baseline bingeing with the level of bingeing during the last week of treatment, with the patients receiving naloxone reducing their bingeing by 158 minutes per week compared to 101 minutes per week for placebo-treated subjects (p=0.
While the underlying mechanisms are not known, one point is clear from behavioural data: A history of bingeing on fat changed the brain, physiology, or both in a manner that made these rats more likely to seek and take a drug when tested more than a month later.
Overall, bingeing prevalence was up 2% from 2009, but that increase probably is attributable to the inclusion of cell phone users, Dafha Kanny, Ph.
The court heard Faircloth might be suffering from the effects of his alcohol bingeing.
Isabelle tries to satisfy her emotional hunger by bingeing on junk food and then vomiting it up.
Alack of prior bingeing and purging in the group might also have enhanced Prozac responses, he suggests.
The rare but apparently real incidents have roused researchers in Minnesota, don'tcha know, to study cases in which Ambien users feasted at their kitchen fridges' all-night buffets--only to awake with no recollection of bingeing.
This eating disorder classically combines bingeing, in which the sufferer eats large quantities of food in a short time, and vomiting.
Included is something many eating disorder guides would have avoided years ago: a three-work program to stop bingeing, offering many ideas based on the root causes of bulimia.
He began bingeing daily, and his career floundered: It had been common for trim to pull in $1,000 a day as a consultant, but there was now a habit to support.
Yoga's effect on harmonizing, balancing and calming the mind and emotions can neutralize overpowering emotions before they result in overeating or bingeing.
DENVER -- Cutting behavior is closely associated with bingeing and purging in female college students, Wendy D.
1) In a population-based case-control study of women with pregnancies resulting in a live birth, one in seven women reported bingeing (consuming at least five alcoholic drinks on one occasion) in the preconception period; nearly half of pregnancies were unintended.
The singer, who plays at the Wiltern Theatre on Monday and Tuesday supporting his new solo CD, ``Paper Monsters,'' says he's no longer a slave to bingeing, although it took a while.
Low blood sugar, caused by a genetic predisposition or by a diet high in sugars, refined foods, and alcohol, may also be a factor in bingeing on sweets.