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Synonyms for bine

a young stemlike growth arising from a plant

Synonyms for bine

European twining plant whose flowers are used chiefly to flavor malt liquors

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Ms Bines is now hitting back at the DAA's claim, saying that the nutritionists in the survey have mistaken her bikini challenge with her Clean Eating Diet Plan.
The Truth About Lies in the Workplace: Catching the Liar in all of us comes from a leading workplace body language expert who com bines her own experiences with the latest research on how to identify and control workplace lies.
Rahman Rustan said today this year's NVRF is held as a part of the company's 123rd anniversary program, with the attendance of vaccine experts Professor Julie Bines from the Murdoch Children's Research Institute (MCRI) Australia and Professor Keiko Udaka of Kochi Medical School Japan.
John Bines, director of fundraising for international development charity Everychild, said more than 90 per cent of new donors came from street fundraising.
This is a schizophrenic production which com bines inexpert chats with dulls ville guest MPs.
2, Lebanese humorist and actor Samy Khayyatt has returned to the stage to present his new show "50+1: 51 carats bines.
The core material in the dissertation retained for the book was his overview of commercial blues during the 1910s, a distinction between the sad "homeopathic" blues and the happy "allopathic" bines, a methodology of textual and musical analysis of blues derived from the characteristics of 1910s sheet music blues, a profile of "proto-blues" composer Hughie Cannon, a look at the 12-measure songs sharing the same tune as "Frankie and Johnny" (or "Frankie and Albert"), and a concluding account of the emergence and early dissemination of blues.
With 1,000 plus bines per acre, this results in over 600 labor hours to pick a single field in a prime harvest period that can be as little as 5 days depending on the variety.
The staves for most bourbon barrels are seasoned for three to five months, the company says; however, Seasoned Oak Finish com bines fully-matured Woodford Reserve with barrels crafted from wood that has been exposed to the outdoors for three to five years, creating a new range of flavor compounds.
Leia Bines, an FBI Agent who has been charged with solving this crisis, and Peter Gram, a psychologist dealing with a seemingly unrelated child who has horrible nightmares.
Peter Gram, FBI agent Leia Bines, and a 7 year-old Indian girl named Naya, converge in an effort to unravel the brutal murder of 10 year-old Janet, who has mysteriously disappeared on her way home from school.
Malibu's only score came with 35 seconds remaining when Charles Bines (four receptions, 41 yards) caught an 11-yard touchdown from J.
Created in the 1840s, the Tithe Apportionment Survey also com- bines maps and assessment documents.
The company's managing director, Alan Wilson, said: "Our business is very specialised so we were delighted when UK Trade & Investment's financial support helped us to attend an exhibition that gave us a whole new market to exploit ( winning a contract to supply components for one of the world's leading manufacturers of wind tur- bines.
This year, the groups were Sub sii toosh, Metemizakong Anishnawbek, Ozawshkogaboo, Wildhorse, Whitefish Bay, Calvin Ottertail Traditional Drum, Little Fire, Wawatay, Thunder Mountain, Little Eagles, Chi Ma A Gaming, Mud River, Whirlwind, Misko Bines, Blackwater Creek, Oshkwa Bines, and Spiritwind.