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Synonyms for bine

a young stemlike growth arising from a plant

Synonyms for bine

European twining plant whose flowers are used chiefly to flavor malt liquors

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Acest lucru nu va suprima faptul ca unii cercetatori se descurca mai bine decat altii, dar ar putea avea drept rezultat un mediu academic cu conditii de munca mai bune pentru cei implicati, si mult mai important, articole mai putine, dar mai calificate.
Pastrand in minte consideratiile de mai sus, putem intelege mai bine functia identitara a bisericii in raport cu realitarea social-confesionala europeana pentru care elaborarea si chiar implementarea unei politici anacronice a concordatelor reprezenta un raspuns la "renasterea statolatriilor pagane" (in 1931, Pius XI denunta in mod categoric nazismul din Germania, comunismul si decrestinarea din Mexic).
In modificarile care au fost facute ulterior acestui act normativ, se impunea ca in locul sanctiunii cu inchisoarea contraventionala sa fie prevazuta sanctiunea muncii in folosul comunitatii, care sa se aplice in situatii bine stabilite si perfect conturate, lucru ce ar fi facut ca cei predispusi la comiterea unor astfel de fapte, sa se abtina.
David William Lloyd (22), of Bine Lane, Bliss Gate, Rock, and Bryan William List (18), of Long Bank, Bewdley, were remanded in custody until June 5 to await committal for Crown Court trial.
Store manager Pamela Bine said: "The money she took was taken from people who need it, people the British Heart Foundation works hard to help.
The 18-year-old Kenilworth ace was in fine form from the start in Munich as she cantered into the quarter-finals with 3-0 victories over Nathalie Philpsen of Belgium (11-1, 11-5, 11-8) and Bine Lind from Denmark (11-1, 11-6, 13-11).
David William Lloyd (22), of Bine Lane, Bliss Gate, Rock, and Bryan William List (18), of Alton Wood, Long Bank, Bewdley, are charged with the murder of 58-year-old Mr Michael Garbett, who lived in a caravan in Station Road, Far Forest.
The GlobalCerts(TM) appliance solution made it easy for us to comply with HIPAA," said James Bine, Director of Information Systems for the company.
For additional information, contact: Janie Roach, The Market Connection, 949/851-6313 or Bine Dick, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colorado, 303/433-6002.
Value America is a brand-direct bine high tech and high touch by offering the convenience of online shopping with the personal benefits of real customer service.
10 bine the register intensive datapath functions on Actel's antifuse architecture, the family es and is available in over 50 speed/packaging/temperature options.
A proper arcade or an indoor play area Russell Cabble A pound shop Bill Bines Eating places Karen Brewerton RIP Coventry Craig Melia
Event organiser Steve Bines said: "The whole idea of HUB Festival is to act as almost a shop window for Cardiff's live music scene.
The machine com bines power and finesse for maximum productivity on any job from site development, road building, utility work and more.