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If you have an issue with bindweed, digging out what you can on a regular basis will reduce the problem but it won't kill it, as the rhizomes are deep and easily break into fragments, each of which produces a new plant.
Wear latex gloves and a thin woollen glove - or a sock - and wet the growth with glyphosate, ideally when the bindweed is just coming into bloom.
On the plus side, bush morning glory (Convolvulus cneorum) and ground morning glory (Convolvulus sabatius) are bindweed relatives that deserve wider garden use.
Bindweed beats all opposition when it comes to being rated the most loathed weed.
The embankment will soon be overgrown with common plantain, dandelion, bindweed and pigweed; and anything more redundant than the abandoned station house and the railway signal, that one-armed spectre, is hard to imagine.
One of the most notorious weeds is field bindweed, described by one researcher as "an out-of-control morningglory.
new into free makes to Bindweed is a nasty one because it twines around other plants, growing over them, and is hard to separate without damage.
One method is to train bindweed to climb up bamboo canes and then, when it is in flower, apply the weedkiller.
Rose & rosaceous bindweed mistaken for violet, magenta starfish
Clockwise, from top left: beadlet anemone, harbour porpoise, ringed plover, sea bindweed and marram grass, common star fish and a butterfish
Among blackcurrants and gooseberries, the best method is to paint individual leaves of bindweed with glyphosate gel as soon as the weed starts to grow vigorously.
But clearly Scientology has gripped Tom like some killer bindweed.
The experts will offer insight into dandelions, bindweed and couch grass.
30am and the stream banks were riot of colour - the frothy ivory lace of cow parsley; deep blush pink of campions and great willow herb - (also called by the old-fashioned name of codlins and cream - codlin was an apple) and Indian balsam; snow white splashes of bindweed and the sunshine yellow of ragwort.