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Synonyms for binder

a machine that cuts grain and binds it in sheaves

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something used to bind separate particles together or facilitate adhesion to a surface

holds loose papers or magazines

something used to tie or bind


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Properties of bituminous binders were evaluated according to PN-EN 12591:2010 and PN-EN 14023:2010 specifications.
has been working for pollution prevention in the metalcasting industry for 35 years and claims low-emission binders have been success- fully used for years in jobbing facilities.
Polymer modified binders, such as Superpave PG 76-22, have been used extensively on high volume highways to improve rutting and cracking performance.
He added that the binders "were liked [and] well tolerated, and patient compliance was 100%.
Test results on binders extracted and recovered from the plant-produced mixes showed that as the RAP content in the mixture increased, the high-temperature grade of the recovered binder also increased, but only by a few degrees (5.
Organic mold and core binders are thermosetting resins that harden and cure by cross-linking of polymer chains.
These particular binders are provided by VIP Presentation Products, St.
For me, the trick lies in using a system of 3-ring binders and folders for our most frequently required tasks.
The Asphalt Institute has also developed a new Proficiency Sampling Program for Roofing Asphalts, similar to the program administered by the AASHTO Materials Reference Laboratory (AMRL) for paving-grade asphalt binders.
APPLICATION: This study increases our understanding of the behavior of synthetic binders during disintegration of coated broke and the formation of white pitch.
With one exception, all coverage relied on binders and slips--which provide evidence of coverage in place before the final policy is issued.
Under case law, binders are considered contracts of insurance and binder terms are not subject to future negotiation.
Carstens' in-house hot-foil stamping process solidly bonds the customized information--in black, silver, or gold--onto the ring binders.
The simulation will help to determine the temperature windows for processing different metals and binders.
A project to disperse information resource binders to be prepared and sent to key contacts in every diocese was affirmed.