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Synonyms for binder

a machine that cuts grain and binds it in sheaves

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something used to bind separate particles together or facilitate adhesion to a surface

holds loose papers or magazines

something used to tie or bind


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full binder: half binders are not as hot and work just as well in the chest as a full binder.
Also, wood facades of all kinds require binders that impart excellent grain-crack resistance.
The 72 paper cover cement and binders based on cement, inorganic binders, organic binders, silicate materials, building materials, and related topics.
With binders, the distinction between agents, brokers and producers is critical.
Evonik Industries has developed an industrial-scale method for producing silanemodified binders for automotive finishes.
In Poland, as it takes place in EU area, European specifications for bituminous binders and hot mix asphalt are observed.
Recent research has allowed development of PUNB binders with longer sand work times, giving larger ductile iron manufacturers a potential alternative to furan-based products.
Breast binders have been in use post mastectomy since the 17th Century (Scultetus, Villavicencio, & Rich, 2003).
The use of polymer modified asphalt binders has grown tremendously in the United States.
Of the 75 patients, 36 received binders and 39 did not.
Researchers evaluated plant-produced mixtures with high RAP content (25 and 40 percent), different binders (PG64-22 and the softer PG58-28), and a control mixture with no RAP The study improved the understanding of the performance characteristics of hot-mix asphalt (HMA) mixtures with RAP at high, intermediate, and low temperatures and examined plant-produced HMA mixtures containing RAP.
In the April issue, several men identified this as a tension device for grain binders, patented by International Harvester on June 26, 1934.