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capable of being fastened or secured with a rope or bond


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today announced that its Lawyer's Protector Plan(R) (LPP(R)) insurance program will begin offering bindable quotes using competitors' "long form" application forms for new lawyers professional liability insurance coverage, if such applications are accompanied by LPP(R)'s one-page LPP(R) "Bridge Application" and "Representation Statement" supplement.
In the coming months, BB&T Insurance plans to begin receiving bindable quotes this same way from some of the other insurers with which it works.
The end-result for an agent, broker or small-business owner is a cost-effective, bindable quote with minimal time and effort.
Customers fill out an easy-to-complete insurance application, receive bindable quotes in 24 hours or less and can buy their policies online.
The bindable APIs, for example, let a web developer incorporate EDI functions into CGI applications.
After completing a short, intelligent online interview process, customers can receive a quote for bindable coverage within minutes and enjoy significant cost savings with their online insurance purchase.
Starting with an early success providing real-time bindable quotes for a major Workers' Compensation company, OneShield has since partnered with fourteen other insurance entities to provide insurance e-commerce solutions.
Selectica will provide the engine driving ePolicy's insurance selection and application process, enabling ePolicy customers to assess their individual needs, apply for insurance, receive bindable quotes, pay a premium and receive their policy--all in a single online session.
Through a short, intelligent online interview process, customers can receive a quote for bindable coverage and purchase insurance online within a five to ten-minute shopping experience.
Quote Advantage provides two bindable quote options tailored to an insured's specific business, all in less than a minute.
You can then proceed to answer a few more questions and get a firm, bindable quote.
The enhancement enables agents to deliver a bindable quote in less than five minutes and present side-by-side comparisons of different coverage levels.
Purification and characterization of a bindable form of mitochondrial bound hexokinase from the highly glycolytic AS-30D rat hepatoma cell line.
Asking the producer only a handful of key qualifying questions saves time, and it also immediately provides a bindable quote and a completed application for eligible accounts," said Michael Maloney, senior vice president and senior customer group manager for private company/not-for-profit specialty insurance.
AUI's B2B Xpress rating platform provides agents with competitive, bindable insurance quotations in a matter of minutes.