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in a binaural manner

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Testing was conducted binaurally through HD 201 headphones (Sennheiser; Wedemark, Germany) at a comfortable listening level.
1 surround sound, and the binaurally encoded Process and Passion compact disc which offers audible surround spatialization while listening with headphones.
Auditory stimuli were presented binaurally through the identical headphones worn by the participants connected to the headphone jacks of the computers.
The noise pulses were digitally filtered with 1[degrees] nonindividualized head-related transfer functions and presented binaurally over headphones.
The auditory stimulus was a pure tone of 200 Hz frequency presented to the participants binaurally through earphones with a comfortable loudness, which was adjusted individually to each child.
Participants had to choose from among five binaurally presented tones the one that was higher in pitch than the remaining four.
Again, she exhibited no response to warm, cool, or icewater stimuli binaurally.
Most participants were fit binaurally (86%), with other hearing aid features such as style, directional microphone, telephone program, multiple memory, volume control, and remote control well balanced across treatment groups.
Flashes of light-emitting diodes (red and orange) were used as visual stimuli, located at a distance of 80 cm from the eyes of the participants, while as auditory stimuli tones were used, with a frequency of 220 and 250 Hz supplied binaurally through head sets.
5-ms bursts of white noise presented binaurally via Grayson-Stadler TDH-59 headphones.