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relating to or having or hearing with two ears



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What's new: Motion-tracked binaural sound (MTB) captures a sound's direction, distance, motion, and the subtleties of ambient sound.
The same components of nonlinear filmmaking and binaural recording were used to great effect in The Paradise Institute, Cardiff and Bures Miller's movietheater manque celebrated at the 2001 Venice Biennale and later exhibited in New York and elsewhere.
Indeed, the industrial noise, aggressive dialogue, claustrophobic binaural soundscape and range of music featured in Bad Boy Bubby are anything but innocuous.
His associate takes care of the binaural head, making sure that its microphone ears are clear.
I will note that David Griesinger, who developed the software for the Lexicon DC1 surround processor, and who has done extensive research on headphone and binaural listening, told me that he has fooled with equalizers extensively to make headphones sound more accurate and never has succeeded in getting exactly what he wanted out of them.
In general, listening through an array can be considered similar to unaided binaural hearing.
NAP20's technology is based on the premise of Binaural Beats, discovered in 1839 by Heinrich Wilhelm Dove.
Tenders are invited for purchase of telecommunications supplies includes headset, adapter, telephone modular, headset noise cancelling, binaural, wall palte 1 gang, 4 port, ivory, plug, modular data.
It addresses the maturation and plasticity of the neural auditory system; assessing and documenting peripheral auditory status; screening and diagnostic procedures; assessment of auditory temporal processing, binaural processing, and the processing of monaural low-redundancy speech, and training to improve them; evidence-based practice and the effectiveness of intervention; attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and auditory processing deficits; language-related impairments and auditory processing deficits; auditory neuropathy spectrum disorder, including auditory synaptopathy; deficits due to exposure to ototoxins; and age-related deficits.
A selecao das proteses auditivas envolve um processo detalhado e criterioso, que abrange aspectos tais como: a saude geral do paciente, a historia audiologica, as necessidades auditivas, a confeccao de moldes auriculares, as caracteristicas e modelos da protese auditiva e o tipo de adaptacao, mono ou binaural [4,5].
According to manufacturing company i-Doser, these sounds help you "achieve a simulated experience through the use of binaural audio doses" by "synchronising your brainwaves".
Oster showed that when a tone is played in one ear and a slightly different tone is played in the other ear, the difference causes the brain to create a third, internal tone, called a binaural beat.
The trademark covers not only SleepPhones[R], but also music, CDs, downloadable mp3s featuring binaural beats, and downloadable musical sound recordings.
The company said that the new product line includes seven corded headset models: three USB headsets (monaural, binaural and convertible), three UC-compliant USB headsets (monaural, binaural and convertible) and one monaural soundcard headset.
The player, called an I-Doser, is a binaural beat generator that produces sounds that have been named after drugs like crack and crystal meth.