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growing in two parts or in pairs

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Resultats Akram Bakhtaoui (dernier en 1/2 finale du 400m haies), Ali-Fouad Binate (disqualifie sur le 400m haies), Anis Bensititi (10e aux series du 1.
One result is a legal function that looks more like an "ecosystem" and less like a binate between clients and traditional law firms.
8) These terms retain distinct nuances, and the precise dynamics that each references are not identical, even if they overlap; taken together, however, they address the symbolic, structural, and psychoaffective dimensions of a binate, male-female "gender" topos.
She concludes that sight, especially in literary history, is a "double-sided source of knowledge"--a binate philosophy that produces a complicated paradox in Woolf's fiction (4).
Species of section Siderostictae have leaves much broader than in most carices, androgynous spikes often binate or ternate at the inflorescence nodes, beakless perigynia with obtuse pistillate scales, and they occasionally have rachillae with terminal male flowers protruding from the perigynia.
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