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a positional system of numeration that uses binary digits and a radix of two

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The Gaia satellite has discovered a unique binary system where one star is "eating" the other, but neither star has any hydrogen, the most common element in the Universe.
If that's common behavior for bodies orbiting binary planets -- or binary systems in general -- we may have some idea of where not to waste our time looking for signs of ET.
Although this planet itself is too cold to be habitable, the same planet orbiting a sun-like star in such a binary system would be in the so-called "habitable zone," the region where conditions might be right for life.
The BINARY System is an example of Genesys Spine's commitment to innovation for anterior cervical discectomy with fusion (ACDF) procedures.
However in the case of binary systems, the theory is that infalling matter transfer from the companion on to the neutron star can increase angular momentum to the neutron star to "recycle" it as a rotation-powered millisecond pulsar (MSP) [Alpar et al, 1982: Bildsen et al.
In the Na-Ca binary system, the ESP of the Barossa soil increased with increasing SAR of the equilibrating solution (Fig.
I wonder if this binary system is a metaphor for division, divisiveness, either/or thinking that Korzybski warned against (see Gozzi, 1999, p.
The eclipsing X-ray binary system Krzemenski's star (Centaurus X-3) is known as a high-mass X-ray binary system consists of 18 [M.
They noticed its brightness dip for more than a year every few decades and surmised that it was part of a binary system consisting of two objects, where one was invisible.
Paul Kite's use of 0-9 instead of 1-10 for a decade may come from the binary system of numbering used with electronic computers which were a 20th century invention.
Which number is represented in the binary system by 1000?
But by calculating how much brighter a star with dust looks in the image than it would look without dust, astronomers get a sense of where the dust is within the binary system.
1az]), of an azeotrope (for either an isothermal or isobaric binary system at low pressure and with a single or double homogeneous azeotrope) from an expression for the liquid-phase excess molar Gibbs function ([g.
The writer suggests that katakana represents a radical innovation in computing that allowed the VR world of the Matrix to come into being: the simple binary system of off (0) and on (1) that had been the mainstay of computer memory and calculation has been superceded by quantum computing, replacing 0/1 with every possible number between zero and one, i.
EDS: BINARY SYSTEM CAN BE SEEN AT http://subarutelescope.