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a pre-compiled, pre-linked program that is ready to run under a given operating system

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The goal of detecting subroutine entry points is to determine if a given point in a binary program is the start of a subroutine based on the features present at that program point.
The security field of malware detection incorporates solutions that rely on static analysis of binary programs.
This paper proposes a data mining method using a Naive Bayes classifier to detect the entry point of subroutines in binary programs.
The major difference between the binary program and the conventional can be shown from Fig.
Point two is this: Social programs are the sledgehammer of economic reform, while the binary program is a finish hammer.
The binary program is just the challenge that will test our mettle.
The Alpha AXP Migration Tools team considered running old VAX binary programs on Alpha AXP computers using a simple software interpreter, but rejected this method because the performance would be too slow to be useful.
The binary program is also full of diplomatic glitches.
The House, though, rejected the bill 216 to 202, and it looked as though the binary program had been dealt another setback.
The binary program contemplates not only the voluntary participation of the nation's most creditworthy companies but also the privatization of profitable publicly owned service entities (e.
The AAVSO Eclipsing Binary Program is coordinated by Marvin Baldwin, who would be glad to receive observations of RW Tauri from readers who obtain at least one hour of good data on both the descending and rising branches of an eclipse.
With a simple command, HiProf creates a copy of the binary program files and adds instrumentation code throughout to analyze performance characteristics.
The technology has the potential of allowing binary programs to be encrypted making them difficult to comprehend by an adversary.
Compaq and Red Hat executives indicated that a key goal of this expanded relationship is to ensure that programs can be created in a single source code implementation, compiled on either Compaq Tru64 UNIX or Red Hat Linux, and enable the creation and sharing of binary programs across the two operating systems on the Alpha architecture.