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either 0 or 1 in binary notation

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The transmitted binary digits are decoded at the receiving end.
While attached to an EEG amplifier, the first person would generate and transmit a series of binary digits, imagining moving their left arm for zero and their right arm for one.
Bits, for those of us who are not particularly computer-savvy, are binary digits, electrical impulses expressed in ones and zeros that create what we receive as emails, web pages, computer graphics, and downloaded music -- the stuff of modern life.
A parity check involves looking at binary digits in computer programmes to see whether a value is even or odd.
In the article, Mercer starts with the basics, explaining the binary digits, or bits, that are at the heart of computer data, and then explains why the hexadecimal system is needed to represent 26 letters and 10 numbers.
In other words, we need 7,372,800 binary digits for each frame of video.
The key length is expressed as the number of binary digits required to store the key.
In the Internet variant of the game, the secret is a sequence of 32 binary digits representing a computer's Internet protocol (IP) address.
The UUEncode software converts the item to binary digits and re-converts it at the other end.
Digital TV converts material into binary digits, which can be crammed together to allow far more channels into a smaller space.
Instead of being transmitted "raw", the signal is turned into a series of ones and zeros - binary digits or bits for short, before being broadcast.