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code using a string of 8 binary digits to represent characters

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Two of these monomers represent the binary code numbers 0 and 1, and can be used interchangeably during synthesis.
CRACKING THE CODE: Pupils Jack Taylor and Rachel Hamilton get to work on binary code at St Mary''s Catholic College Picture code: JM181113SOTW-6
The next step is to convert the generated binary code into a sequence of integers; each belongs to the targeted key space (for example the space of 32 bits integers).
Hex format of binary Code ASP DF Source 2 E 2 0 0 6 A 6 3 11 11.
lt;p>Most often used to send brief text messages between cell phones, SMS can also send binary code to an iPhone, which then processes the code without any user interaction.
THERE are few things in life more humiliating than asking your eight-year-old child if they can spare a minute to set the alarm on your mobile phone, or pretending you're asleep to avoid helping them with homework that appears to be written in binary code.
This is also the root of the binary code known as the I Ching.
Searches in Diamond are implemented using searchlets, which are fragments of binary code along with configuration parameters.
The result is a binary code identifying the surface.
If your work can be digitized, scanned, or turned into binary code, chances are it is already getting shipped abroad," says Almeida.
It appears that people are speaking to you in binary code.
According to the company this is the first time Sun has made source and binary code bundles for a J2SE release available while it is still under active development and it is reportedly available as part of a new project launched this week on java.
As cutting-edge as such investigations seem, the basics of digital evidence collection go back to the late 1940s with mathematical formulas that distilled information into binary code.
Some kind of "conceptual" 'zine here, written in binary code and with photos of the same snack vending machine throughout.
The stripe contains iron-based magnetic particles with binary code in 1s and 0s that are magnetized in various directions.