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Our study shows that binomial or OLS models may match the unadjusted means but poorly estimate the entire distribution when the outcome is bimodally distributed.
Annual rainfall, which occurs from April to November, is between 1600 and 2000 mm, bimodally distributed with peaks in July and September and with a very high intensity.
2c and d), there is a tendency to bimodal distribution, whereas the copolymers are bimodally distributed in all the solvents and polymer concentrations studied here.
Overall abundance (n=41,451 individuals) and species rich hess (n = 61 species) were distributed bimodally across the nearshore to offshore transect, and the highest values were found on either side of the sand ridge regardless of gear type.
They are bimodally and trimodally distributed in accordance with genetic characteristics.
The output shaft also was attached to a traction motor known as the "torquer" that could operate bimodally by either adding torque or subtracting it through regenerative braking.
The metabolic activity of cytochrome P450 2D6 was found in many studies to be bimodally distributed in Europeans and other white populations.
This contribution of multiple genes is supported by studies in animals and humans, in which peripheral blood pressure follows a single monotonic distribution that is not bimodally distributed (8).