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of a distribution

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For outcomes with bimodal or U-shaped distributions, the distribution is important to consider if our goals are to understand the actual distribution and to ensure that we can generate unbiased regression coefficients and mean values that generate reasonable predictions.
with bimodal PE 4710 pipe offers invaluable insights for gas utilities across the nation.
In a visionary move, the company has streamlined its efforts in the bimodal HDPE pipe market segment according to specific megatrends in the energy and water sectors, which have enabled the company to further strengthen its position in this mature market.
SEM was performed on the monomodal and bimodal samples to examine the increase in the powder content with the nanoparticle addition for the SiC system (Figure 2).
Keywords: branch predictor, bimodal, finite state machine, SDFSM, SPEC2000, saturated counter, SimpleScalar
In addition, higher stiffness for Continuum EP resins provides topload strength comparable to earlier Continuum grades and 15% to 25% greater than unimodal and competing bimodal grades.
The selection of CONTINUUM bimodal resin for our ESW pipe system enables a long-term, cost-effective solution to a challenge now facing all nuclear power utilities, namely the high costs associated with repair or replacement of buried piping systems.
Table 1: Small and large particle size latex compositions for bimodal blends Component Latex Large 1 (g) Large 2 (g) Large 3 (g) Pre-emulsion BA 88.
Since the bimodal polymers are composed of both anionic and cationic polymers, there is a great potential for the polymer chains to exhibit this shift in electron density.
It uses the same bimodal approach featured in WYNN, the company's flagship product-simultaneously highlighting words as they are spoken aloud.
Rohm and Haas has been granted a patent for a coating composition that is comprised of a bimodal aqueous emulsion copolymer.
Las Vegas,'' featuring James Caan for older viewers and a bevy of hard-bodies for younger audiences, has been a nominal success on Mondays, but ``Miss Match's'' bimodal team of Alicia Silverstone and Ryan O'Neal tanked abysmally.
Ivanov, Mari State Technical University; "Testing of filled elastomers under monomodal and bimodal sinusoidal excitation" V.
However, that value is spuriously high because of the bimodal distribution of test scores when combining sexes.