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As the hedonic valence entered in the statistical model as within-subject factor, both physiological indexes were computed for each experimental condition as follows: unimodal [average response value for the 20x positive trials (sounds + images) and 20x negative trials (sounds + images)]; congruent bimodal (average response for the 20x positive congruent trials and for the 20x negative congruent trials) and incongruent bimodal [average response for the 20x incongruent trials with positive images (negative sound) and for the 20x incongruent trials with negative images(positive sound)].
Sponge formulations with bimodal Vistalon EPDM rubber
Para muchos de ellos, la experiencia con la asignatura bimodal fue su primer contacto con una nueva realidad en su proceso de formacion profesional; otros ya habian tenido algun acercamiento con las TIC enfocadas a la educacion, unos a mediante cursos que habian tomado de manera libre a traves de la Web, otros en la plataforma E-learning de la Universidad, donde muchos profesores les dejaban lecturas y les solicitaban el envio de trabajos academicos.
Two of the cases show abnormal histogram with bimodal broad base.
Studies on bimodal bilingualism are still rare (see Emmorey et al.
While Europe typically uses bimodal resins in smaller applications, the high volume of unimodal polyethylene products (milk jugs, oil-quart containers) in the USA means there isn't as much economic incentive to retool for lower volume applications.
If you are not already bimodal, consider experimenting with separating conventional and "nonlinear" IT work streams, with conventional looking after more traditional waterfall development projects, and nonlinear looking after more short-term, agile and lean startup opportunities," said .
Bimodal polyethylene of GC100s with the melt flow index (MFI) of 0.
Their adaptive instructions could be further improved with a bimodal process-oriented WOE.
One situation in which a bimodal distribution could arise is when patients have two alternative choices of health care provider, and data measure the share of times patients use one of the providers.
An in-house team investigated bimodal PE 4710 compounds to determine the resin's compatibility with other, older pipe resins and evaluate its performance in terms of longevity, strength and confidence level.
The company's value chain partnership approach of working closely with the customer to understand unmet needs at each stage of the pipe manufacturing process is clearly demonstrated in its Sabic Vestolen A Rely bimodal HDPE product line.
Sabic says its family of advanced bimodal high density polyethylene (HDPE) products enables production of high-quality thin blown film.
Powder injection molded bimodal [mu]-n SiC samples were solvent and thermally debound prior to sintering.
Cenozoic bimodal volcanic rocks of the Northeastern boundary of Tibet Plateau located in the area of West Qinling, Gansu Province in China, which belong to the west boundary of Ordos block and also north section of North-South tectonic belt in tectonics.