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Synonyms for bimetallic

pertaining to a monetary system based on two metals

formed of two different metals or alloys


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The bimetallic catalyst gives two products due to the presence of two metals.
Recent progress in the structure control of Pd-Ru bimetallic nanomaterials", Dongshuang Wu, Kohei Kusada, Hiroshi Kitagawa, Science and Technology of Advanced Materials Vol.
Both firms have agreed upon a long-term supply arrangement, with Copperweld providing bimetallic wire to CommScope as needed for the manufacture of cables and other products.
Henry Du, Director of the Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, “The interaction of bimetallic catalysts with oxygen-containing hydrocarbons derived from biomass has shown promise as the basis for new upgrading processes.
These types of breakers have an electromagnet that guards against abrupt surges in the electrical circuit and a bimetallic strip that shields against extended electrical load and overheating.
We consider surface enhanced Raman scattering from a molecule adsorbed on a bimetallic coated nanosphere, as shown in Fig.
With bimetallic regulators, the opening and closing operations are controlled by the interaction of the temperature sensor (consisting of bimetallic plates) and the stage nozzle.
YOU mention that the clock's pendulum has six metal rods for compensating different temperatures, this would be called a bimetallic strip pendulum and at auction, depending on the damage, could possibly fetch pounds 200/400.
Guerrero-Dib, of the Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon and colleagues there and at The University of Texas at Austin, describe the formation of gold, silver and alloyed, bimetallic nanoparticles just 25 nanometers in diameter.
Reducing oxygen to water is a key reaction involved in releasing stored energy from hydrogen fuel cells which has previously required expensive bimetallic catalysts.
9 April 2010 - Chinese bimetallic wire maker Lihua International Inc (NYSE:LIWA) said on Thursday it was looking to raise USD28m (EUR21m) from a public stock offering to be handled by Rodman & Renshaw, part of US investment bank Rodman & Renshaw Capital Group (NASDAQ:RODM).
Two main groups of bimetallic colloids exist, alloys and layered (core-shell) colloids.
Servicing injection and extrusion markets, Xaloy's product offerings include high-performance screws, bimetallic single and twin barrels, heat transfer rolls, melt pumps, screen changers, pelletizers, cleaning ovens, valves, end-caps, nozzles, and tips.
The ColdSNAP+ Transit Thermometer consists of a bimetallic sensing element that snaps at a predetermined temperature, turning a "LOW TEMP" indicator window bright red when the temperature goes below a predetermined "cold" setpoint.