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Synonyms for bimetal

material made by bonding together sheets of two different metals

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formed of two different metals or alloys


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In order to solve the problem, the research team uses the MIT-CTS instead of the bimetal as a sensor for the on-off switch.
When direct sunlight hits the bimetal strips, they would bend inwards and close together to shade the building.
15 February 2011 - India's CARE yesterday reaffirmed the ratings assigned to the long- and short-term bank facilities of Shivalik Bimetal Controls Ltd (BOM:513097) at BBB+ and PR2, respectively.
The saw uses bimetal or carbide-tipped blades and is available in four versions - A 16, A 16x20, A 20 and A 25 - for cutting 1,600 x 1,600 mm up to 2,500 x 2,500 mm maximum material dimensions.
For example welding steel to copper with explosion (Durgutlu, 2005), laser beam remelting of steel--aluminium bimetal produced by explosion welding (Tricarico, 2010).
The device used a sealed bimetal element with one wire of an electrical circuit attached to a fixed end, and the other wire connected to a small pool of mercury in a cup-like reservoir.
New dampened-movement bimetal thermometers operate at temperatures from -70 to 540[degrees]C (-100 to 1,000 [degrees]F) and are available in adjustable angle, center-back, and lower-back mount process connections.
Swagelok (Solon, OH) announces the addition of bimetal thermometers and thennowells for general industry to its product offering.
Of the range of mechanical devices, bimetal thermometers are suitable for HVAC (heating, ventilation, air condition) and many industrial applications, whereas gas expansion thermometers are mostly used in the heavy industry.
8 mm form factor to facilitate one-to-one replacement of mini-sized fuses and type 11 bimetal circuit protection devices in 12V vehicle systems.
The company has been responsible for many industry firsts including the first specialized frothing thermometer, the first adjustable thermometer clip, the first bimetal thermometer for conventional and convection ovens with instant temperature reading, and many more.
The Pro-Fit line of multi-purpose hole saws cuts three to 10 times faster than the typical bimetal hole saw, depending on the type of material being cut.
The company says the multipurpose hole saw cuts wood at speeds three to 10 times faster than bimetal hole saws--depending on the type of material being cut.
Production cutting bimetal band saw blades, the Gladiator Emperor, resist heat, abrasion, and shock and are designed for faster, more efficient cutting of structural steels.