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a period of 2 months

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The expressiveness of the queries is, however, limited to their compatibility, which means that some queries are simply impossible to execute on both instances, due to their schema level inconsistency; for example, the fact measures are not aggregable by bimester in the second instance of the given example, as the required information is not available.
In Figure 2, for example, a month is aggregated in bimesters and quadrimesters and finally in years (or alternatively in semesters and years), while in the second DW a month is only aggregated in semesters and years.
These authors observed a higher density of this fish in the bimester following the higher mean rainfall, and associated this with the intake of nutrients from continental drainages, which increases the availability of food to the juveniles and larvae.
class this bimester, I think that was the best in all the years that I have had I.
Each school bimester, a kit of books is distributed according to the school grade, with notebooks of the respective disciplines.
To this end, the frequency of the occurrence of detritus, sediment, nematode and particulate organic matter (POM) were considered as variables and the bimesters and environments were considered as factors.
gibbosus in the majority of bimesters and in the whole study period.