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Barbie (doll)


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a young woman indulged by rich and powerful older men

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A blokey is a man, a blondie bimbette is a blonde young woman regarded as sexually attractive but somewhat lacking in the brain department, tighty-whities are tight-fitting underpants, while a ta-da is a dramatic entrance.
So we sit and watch this dreadful late 80s American cartoon version of the famous fairytale, where Cinders is a busty blonde bimbette with big hair, one ugly sister is a tragic plain Jane, while the other is a Michelle McManus look-alike who only goes to Prince Charming's ball because she knows there will be a good buffet.
Though the idea of a Bel Air bimbette challenging America's crusty establishment isn't quite so fresh second time round, watchable Witherspoon somehow carries the day.
Getting caught with their Umbro tracksuits round their ankles and a willing bimbette in their arms?
Louise is the bimbette who believed that a mobile phone, a banana and a packet of chewy are all that's needed to carry out a lone expedition up a mountain in the Australian outback.
We were pleased to read in the Record yesterday that ta-da is to take its rightful place in the next edition of the OED, along with wiki, irritainment, bimbette and tighty-whites.
Fear not, as Young, Hot and Talented (Channel 5) happily reveals, while the pouting bimbette may sport silicone enhanced twin peaks, her voice is even flatter than her IQ curve.
she's not afraid of losing her house, her job, her husband of 13 years and her place in an industry she loves to be replaced by the bimbette.
In the movies, her branding translates into either her playing a bimbette -- like she is in the upcoming Tees Maar Khan or the straight out of college dumb blonde like she did in Namaste London and Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani.
It will focus on international affairs, the most memorable being John Terry's with that French bimbette.
And it has been joined by wiki, irritainment, bimbette and tighty-whities.
I can still remember the unpleasant sensation of navigating the steaming puddle produced by a squatting Bacardi Breezer bimbette in Tenby.
MINI-SKIRTED trust fund bimbette Tamara Beckwith is rarely seen without some expensive trinket, animal, mineral or male, dangling from her pretty wrist.
What it says about her: Peroxide blonde hair besides screaming bimbette also says the person is a little insecure.
The bimbette, who's been tipped to star in the upcoming Baywatch movie, bumped into Pamela Anderson last week and stunned her by asking: "How did you guys run so slowly in the show's opening scene.