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meat that is salted and cut into strips and dried in the sun

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There was no biltong served, but the man we were honouring shares all its gritty and enduring attributes and I am just one of many who are sad to see him go - a remarkable admission given that the old so-and-so is a bookie.
St Marcus imports the meat from his homeland and produces biltong, stokkies, Boerewors, sausages and Sosaties at the company's wholesale-cure-production facilities in Redhill and Roehampton.
Instead the total haul of bushmeat was one quarter of a kilo of biltong or dried buffalo meat from South Africa that someone was bringing in for friends to taste.
You'll see a lot of Biltong (dried meat) in our bags, noodles, lots of biscuits.
Tickets for the event are available at the Maerua Mall booth and Biltong Shop, Wernhill Booth and Biltong Shop, Treasure Trove in Baines Centre, O Portuga Restaurant, Fresh and Wild Restaurant, Wika Service Station and at Madiba Spares.
A bowl of olives, a bowl of biltong and a bowl of cherries.
Although pork scratchings suppliers make their argument on taste and indulgence rather than nutritional values, jerky and biltong companies feel they have decent health credentials.
MARK BOUCHER: South Africa wicketkeeper sliced through his hand trying to cut a portion of biltong dried meat.
Mr Worrall Thompson said he had brought back some dried meat, biltong, from a trip to Africa last year without realising it was illegal.
This is a real opportunity for meat snacks, such as biltong and beef jerky, which tend to be lower in fat thon many traditional options.
Fancy highly commended South African-style biltong or Welsh Mountain mutton and new smoked chicken?
But the tour started with a nighmare display against the Orange Free State, when his opposite number scored two tries and he looked as though he couldn't tackle a strip of biltong let alone a Springbok.
Newitt believes that the South African origins of biltong will heighten its appeal as the country attracts growing numbers of UK holidaymakers.
Newitt is on a mission to sex up the UK's meat snacking market, and he reckons that BullOx, The Jerky Group's brainchild made from 100% air-dried beef biltong, is the brand for the job.
It is tapping into the rising popularity of meat snacking with beef biltong in original, chilli and peppered flavours, while targeting adventurous consumers through the more unfamiliar ostrich and kudu varieties.