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having two lobes

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In completely separated bilobed SAF, two lobes were separated by 5.
Z-plasty was used on the radial side to correct the soft tissue deficiency in 5(42%) hands, and a bilobed flap in 7(58%) hands for soft tissue rearrangement on the radial side.
Earlobe reconstruction with a modified bilobed flap.
The procingulum in m1 is very welldeveloped, wide, and horizontal with respect to the lophids, and strongly bilobed.
praesidi(Bates) and another undescribed species from the Pacific Coast of Mexico and Balsas River Depression, but none of these have a bilobed tubercle on distal border of the phallobase (Figs.
Both forms have promyelocytes with abnormal bilobed nuclei.
However, dysplastic features previously reported in primary hematologic diseases were also revealed in peripheral blood smears: (1) a neutrophil with a closed-loop nucleus, a dysplastic feature reported in myeloproliferative neoplasm [10] (Figure 2D), (2) nuclear projections previously reported in androgen-expressing tumors [11] (Figure 2E), (3) hypersegmented nuclei, a common finding in vitamin B12 or folic acid deficiency (Figure 2F), (4) pseudo-PHA referring to neutrophils with mono- and bilobed nuclei [6, 7] (Figures 2G and 2H), and (5) karyorrhexis, which is a rare finding of dysgranulopoiesis as discussed earlier [5] (Figure 2I).
5 cm long, glabrous, anther tube obconic, 4-5 mm long and 4 mm in distal diameter, exserted 10-15 mm between the corolla dorsal lobes, dorsal and lateral anthers 4-5 mm long, the two ventral anthers 3-4 mm long, glabrous; stigma bilobed, discoidal during post-anthesis and exserted 3-4 mm from the anther tube.
Epiproct bilobed posteriorly, each lobe with a strongly sclerotized band running along outer side and posterior border; a field of setae posteriorly (Fig.
The leaves of the plant are circular, broad and bilobed at the base and apex reaching 10 to 20 centimeters (cm) in length.
The heel impression is asymmetric bilobed and is formed by the proximal pads of digit II and IV: IV biggest than II and backward situated what yields an indentation in the inner side of the footprint.
The body consists of eleven segments in addition to head, the body dorsally with 26 plates and densely covered with yellowish back-warding setae dorsally and laterally, the first three dorsal plates are slightly bilobed while the other plates are oblong and variable in width; head is moderate in size and triangle, bearing a minute antennae and a mouthpart ventrally which is located in a triangular space.
Leaves are incubus, bilobed to the base, with a large dorsal lobe, irregularly reniform, concave, arching over the stem, 0.
section Pinophyta--by two species, section Polypodiophyta--by four species, and section Magnoliophyta--by 125 species, of which 110 species are bilobed.