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having two lobes

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In this article, the author describes a new case of petrous apex cholesterol granuloma to illustrate the definitive need for an extended middle fossa approach when a bilobed petrous apex mass is encountered.
Rapid cooling following pulsed laser melting stabilizes a metastable, amorphous, compositionally mixed phase state at room temperature, while moderate heating followed by slower cooling returns the nanocrystals to their initial bilobed crystalline state," said Chrzan.
This report represents an interesting case of biopsy-proven polyorchidism with torsion of an ipsilateral abnormal bilobed testis that was diagnosed intraoperatively during scrotal exploration for a suspected testicular torsion.
Leaves of the pantropical genus Bauhinia (Fabaceae) are known popularly as cow's foot, due to their unique characteristic bilobed aspect.
Description: Straight, bilobed trail, diameter 7 mm, maximum length 60 mm, preserved in epirelief.
Fifty seven patients showed strong positivity for Sudan black and myeloperoxidase, and all had abnormal hypergranular promyelocytes with bilobed nuclei and Auer rods.
In the area of the clinically palpable lump, a bilobed anechoic cystic lesion that measured 5 cm was seen.
Aquatic; roots threadlike, up to 5 cm long; stems dichotomously branched forming rotund to oblong plants about 1-3 cm in diameter; fronds minute, bilobed, pubescent, green to reddish-green.
Meanwhile, a woman seated on a chair wears a jacket embroidered with gingko leaves, a reference to Goethe, who wrote a poem about the tree--using its bilobed leaves as a symbol for duality--and who himself was involved in the creation of tableaux vivants.
The characteristic bilobed or multinucleate giant cells of
The crown rests on top of a massive tooth root, which may be weakly bilobed.
KEY TO THE NORTH AMERICAN HAIRWORM SPECIES A Cuticle smooth, lacking areoles or B with flat, smooth areoles; male tail bilobed (as in Figs.
1G) Endites separated by shallow notch and with multiple setae; bilobed epipod; endopod 4-segmented with 6, 3, 3, 4 setae; exopod with 14 plumose natatory setae; terminal segment with 3 terminal spines and 1 subterminal spine.