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having two lobes

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Unlobed Phytoliths Represent the Ancestral Condition, but Bilobate Phytoliths Occurred at an Early Stage in Grass Evolution
This ichnocoenosis consists of surface pits (Rusophycus carbonarius and plug-shaped burrows), bilobate and simple interface trails (Cruziana problematica and Helminthopsis hieroglyphica Heer).
Notothyrial platform narrows anteriorly and merges with the median septum on elevated part of the valve floor; cardinal process granulated; dental plates divergent, ventral muscle field large, bilobate anteriorly.
Abdomen: Tergal plate longer than wide, the longitudinal ridge of thorax continues along mtg III-VI; lateral sclerites with punctured oval depressions; deltg II + III not fused, lateral margins of deltg II-VII reflexed, their posterior margins raised, pilose and with a distinctly posterolaterally projecting tubercle; metapleural scent gland canais straight and directed upward and visible from above as a split oval elevation; mtg VII with a median elevation and 2 vertical projections on posterior margin; tergite VIII bilobate, visible tergites IX and X tricuspidate.
The large brow ridges (superciliary arches), visible on CT scans, bilobate chin, the heavily muscled mastoid process, as well as the lower part of the nuchal area of the occipital, suggests that the soldier is male.
13); sternite IV bilobate posteriorly; sternites III-IV, VIVII with very few setae; sternite V densely hirsute medially, with a much reduced posterior median smooth area, a narrow transverse; spiracles linear.
The root is bilobate with long, narrow, diverging lobes.
Pronotum: Wider than long; bilobate, anterior lobe shorter than posterior lobe; humeral angles rounded, higher than posterior pronotal disk; posterolateral borders sinuate, smooth; posterior border nearly straight; triangular process absent; callar region weakly and uniformly convex, barely separated along midline.
Females can be distinguished by the large and flattened median septum, and by spermathecae with a long and sigmoid curved stalk and with a small and not bilobate base (Fig.
The distinctive bilobate shapes vary in size, shape and proportion between species, as does the presence of additional morphologically distinctive bilobates.
Limnogonus and Tenagometrella have the same bilobate scent reservoir as Neogerris, and the same circular structure of the scent orifices as this genus and Gerrisella.
Bifurcate or bilobate distally; (h) Anterior wall of the ventral diverticulum bilobed or bipartite; (i) Distal part of the two dorsal diverticulae are folded transversally making up the border against the medial diverticulae on the posterior side; (j) A knob-shaped apophysis present, which may have an attachment function for the posterior dorsal gland.