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The emphasis in these Bills of Rights is human-ness, so corporations are unlikely to avail themselves of these rights (which is not the case under the Charter where the encompassing legal term "person" is used).
Since some of the world's worst political regimes have also promulgated bills of rights, it seems that some countries have no problem with the lack of proper legislation in this area.
For example, bills of rights unimaginatively attempt to bring "due process" to the MCO.
If this is what the Bill was about, then why did so many states, clamoring for a bill of rights at the federal level, lack bills of rights themselves?
State constitutions preceded the federal Constitution; its Bill of Rights was largely modeled after already existing state bills of rights.
The kind of Bill of Rights which is often advocated would go much further and would describe the rights and freedoms which it is intended to protect in the most general terms, such as those in Bills of Rights elsewhere, for example, "the right to life", "the right to liberty and security of the person", "the right to respect for his or her private and family life", "the right to freedom of expression" and "the right to be secure against unreasonable search and seizure".