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As one account puts it: "He carried the art of kiting checks and bills of exchange to a high degree of perfection.
5 million in lieu of the bills of exchange that were to have
The lack of discipline in the Romanian business environment and the desire of some to enrich fraudulently by the issuance of the bills of exchange without coverage and that than have generated major incidents of payment, led to loss the confidence of serious and honest economic agents in using the bills of exchange.
On 28 September that year, Norges Bank's Board of Directors announced that the silver fund was large enough to allow the Bank to offer loans and to discount bills of exchange and negotiable debt instruments.
Companies now have to include their registered name on documents such as business letters, websites, bills of exchange, cheques, money orders, invoices, receipts, letters of credit and official publications.
CariFin has operated in Cuba since 1997, providing working capital and short-term trade finance to Cuban and foreign companies through loans and the purchase of bills of exchange at a discount.
There are two ways in which bankers receive the money: one, in cash, by giving currency to them; the other, by bills of exchange, or any other letter of payment given to them, by virtue of which the person who has to pay the bill starts owing the bank the amount stipulated there to be paid into the account of the person who enters the bill in the bank.
While bills of exchange are not completely without flaws, they are effective and can help a business avoid many of the pitfalls commonly associated with overseas trading.
In fact, life insurance joined stock shares, bonds, mortgages, bills of exchange, and promissory notes as inevitable props for England's dynamic economy.
This master file then automatically generates key documents such as commercial invoices, packing lists, bills of exchange, and beneficiary certificates in minutes.
Because Venice was also an important bullion market with regular trading cycles, it became an ideal center for bills of exchange and rechange.
The airwaves were full of advertisements for firms offering to redeem their own shares, bonds, and bills of exchange, or inviting people to invest money at unheard-of rates of interest.
seeking to recover alleged losses of approximately $56 million from a number of parties involved in international trade transactions that gave rise to bills of exchange financed by various Korean banks but not ultimately paid.
Exchanging for bills of exchange is illicit when more than the fair salary is taken or less than the fair salary is given for lending on credit or advancing, and restitution is required .
The December 12 Release discussed, among other developments, that a Taiwanese corporation had defaulted on $354,000 of bills of exchange it had issued and that Actrade had accelerated the remaining bills of exchange that had been issued by the Taiwanese corporation, such that the principal amount due to Actrade under the defaulted and accelerated bills of exchange was $1,322,800.