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Synonyms for billowy

characterized by great swelling waves or surges

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After twenty minutes you will have to walk across a dry riverbed to touch the natural colorful canyon, then experience the smooth rocks that appear soft and billowy.
The 33-year-old has kept everyone guessing over her baby 'bump', hiding it beneath billowy tops and even a blanket.
To add to the drama, ladies in colorful billowy skirts performed ritual dances, their slow, graceful movements keeping pace with the hypnotic sound of traditional Korean music.
2 Which phrase, meaning in a state of euphoria, is thought by some to have originated in the classification of billowy cumulonimbus clouds in 7 The musical Sister Act is on at the Sunderland Empire this week.
University experts have helped detect billowy clouds of cold, clumpy gas streaming towards a supermassive black hole at speeds of up to 800,000mph and feeding into its bottomless well.
When fired in a kiln, the fabric would burn away, leaving a hard but extremely fragile shell of frozen crinoline skirts and billowy material behind.
Mason jar snow globe : Mason jar snow globes are a quick craft, perfect for passing the time on a billowy winter afternoon.
If anybody stood out at Fox's post-Emmys fete, it was Lady Caga, who floated gracefully through the crowd in a white, cloud-like gown with an enormous billowy pouf.
It's long, floaty, ornately embroidered and has billowy sleeves.
narrow escape the billowy curtain the ruggedly handsome center stage
While Knightley is known for wearing fitted clothes, she wore a billowy Rocha dress.
Billowy has selfishly sullied her sister's honor, and decides to even the score by stirring arsenic into his cognac while he's out dancing a quadrille.
The two-time Oscarwinning actress, wearing a black beaded billowy dress by Versace, was joined on the rain-sodden blue carpet by fiance Brad Pitt and their eldest son Maddox at the preview of a special costume exhibition at London's Kensington Palace.