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Synonyms for billowing

Synonyms for billowing

characterized by great swelling waves or surges

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Whilst the smoke was billowing there had been no danger to the public from it and there was no cause for alarm.
They found smoke billowing high into the air and the former college burning.
She gets everything wrong in billowing, medieval style, mustard trousers and wrap around top.
Thick black smoke could be seen billowing from the building, surfers who wrote in to Khaleej Times said.
Summary: Church bells rang out in Lebanon Wednesday night as word spread that white smoke was billowing out of the Vatican chimney, signaling the election of a new pope.
As the Cardinals cast their ballots to elect a new Pope, the smoke billowing from the Sistine Chapel's chimney will signal if a decision has been reached.
Television images showed people being taken on stretchers as the blaze and billowing smoke engulfed the Maharashtra state government headquarters from the fourth floor upward.
Summary: A fire has gutted an old cinema in the Serbian capital of Belgrade, with smoke seen billowing across the city.
A dog was rescued from the burning Nags Head in Ridley Wood, Wrexham after neighbours saw smoke billowing over nearby homes and alerted emergency services.
Heavy smoke was still billowing from the property hours later.
Summary: Smoke could be seen billowing over Dhaka on Wednesday after heavy gunfire broke out at the headquarters of the paramilitary Bangladesh Rifles or BDR.
95, and the mesh has leaded tape on the base to prevent billowing.
30 explosion that sent a cloud of smoke billowing over the airport.
By varying the degree of tension in the string, the diaphanous pavilions respond to different wind conditions billowing, rippling, oscillating and changing shape.
A billowing grove of olive trees shades the edge of the valley.