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a very rich person whose material wealth is valued at more than a billion dollars

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The returns from the sale of Billionaire Vodka benefit children in need all around the world
However, the self-made billionaire population in Asia is unique because wealth creation in the region is more recent than in other parts of the world.
It's funny what happens when you say the billionaires are keeping candidates alive long enough to allow more Americans a chance to choose their presidential nominees.
Marking his now 40th Anniversary in the music industry, Narada was recently honored by Billboard Magazine as one of the Top Ten Producers of All-Time, and now Billionaire On Soul Street has already garnered rave reviews worldwide.
Meanwhile, after a three year hiatus, Anu Aga regained her billionaire status on a jump in shares of engineering firm Thermax, in which she owns 62 per cent.
Guatemala has a billionaire for the first time, and Iceland returns to the ranks after a five-year absence, the result of a comeback by Thor Bjorgolfsson, who's now the only billionaire in Iceland's history.
That put him at the top of the magazine's list of the world's billionaires for the second consecutive year.
The annual Wealth-X and UBS study also showed that higher education is not a prerequisite to achieving billionaire status as 35 per cent of the 2,325 billionaires in the world have not obtained a tertiary-level degree.
Now he could face further upheaval with American billionaire Joshua Harris believed to be in talks to buy Premier League Palace.
Twelve billionaires obtained their bachelor's degrees from the University of Mumbai making it one of the top 10 schools in terms of number of billionaire undergraduate alumni.
BILLIONAIRE wealth in the UAE surged to $132 billion this year from $45 billion in 2013, marking a worldwide record increase of 193 per cent, a report said.
Capitols to become the first black player in the NBA, billionaire Robert Johnson has achieved the ultimate goal by successfully negotiating the purchase of the NBA's new franchise in Charlotte, North Carolina, becoming the first African American majority owner of a major sports team.
But the battle here was between the litter comrades Billionaire and Athboy Lass with the latter just beating her brother by a short-head.
Billionaire David Geffen came out publicly as a gay man in 1992, announcing at AIDS Project Los Angeles's Commitment to Life dinner, "As a gay man I have come a long way to be here tonight.