billiard saloon

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a room in which billiards is played

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outside business premises [four shops], skating rink, billiard saloon, club rooms, baths, hairdressing saloons, cafe Francaise and oyster saloons .
A cafe, shops and billiard saloon were completed by 1921 but money ran out before the film theatre could be started.
He had not the temperament for team games and apart from the periods of his youth when he used the moors for the rapid and unsophisticated seduction of girls, his life had been a short circuit between club, pub, billiard saloon, cinema and pit.
Ashington: Anderson's Pork Shop, Central Billiard Saloon, Masonic Hall.
In 1921 plans were submitted to demolish the house and replace it with The Oxford dance hall and billiard saloon, however by 1924 when building work started on a large extension the house remained untouched.
This he once did carrying his cane underneath his raincoat, walking a mile to a billiard saloon where the aroma of damp chalk and the shuffling sound of greasy playing cards falling on grimy tables provided us with yet another haven from the reality of school.